Throttle bodies


space wagon
are Throttle bodies interchangeable ? ie 1.5 fit a 2.0

colt fit a galant

or are they engine code specific
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no gains

i have a problem with my tb electrics and woundered if i could fit a 1998 proton 1.5 glsi tb to a 2.0 glxi space wagon
anybody know if i can put a bigger throttle body on my 88 323 turbo?

Fitting bigger TB's on most cars whether with forced induction or not doesn't always result in the gains expected.

It's an old hot-rodders fix for improving hp.
But as usual it's similar to camshaft talk...."Bigger is not always better."

Generally fitting a bigger TB only gives you small gains right at the top of the rpm range.
Quite often it loses you a small amount of power (throttle response) lower down, because the air-speed through the TB venturi has slowed down some.
On a turbo or supercharged car the difference again is minimal and would probably give some small gains right up near peak power no doubt.

The problem might arise though of upsetting the measured airflow through the engine as the stock TB, airflow meter, injectors and computer fuelling has all been chosen by the factory to work well together in all conditions and the computer has been tuned with this in mind.
There is some scope for adjustment (i.e. the parameters either side of ideal airflow may be up to plus or minus 10% maybe) but there is a risk of throwing engine codes and upsetting the way the engine runs.
Fitting a bigger TB to allow more air in could do just that. As this can resul in a weaker fuel mixture.
If your airflow sensor is already close to maxing out within it's parameters -do you know if it is? Does it run a Maf-sensor or is it Speed Density?
If you are not in a postion to check your AFR & adjust the fuelling to suit.
You might be doing more harm than good.

You need specialist advice and this can only come from a good Mazda Forum that is type specific, or talk to a reputable Mazda Tuning Company.
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