The keeper!!!!! Honestly!!!!

Ok guys here she is, my new ride.....

2000 VW Type 4 2.5 Transporter LWB Intercooled






She has a couple of minor problems that dont affect her in any way driving wise, but unless rectfied in the near future, will do! Im on it in the next two weeks, so no exciting updates at the mo, just mechanicals.
On the plus side, i paid approx £1600 LESS than market value, and the work needing doing will only cost me about £650 all in. so still almost a grand cheaper than it shoulda been after the works been done!
cheers guys.

not going to do anything major exterior wise, just tint the windows ( keeps things out of view and protects my kiddies fragile eyes from the nasty sunlight!),new wheels, maybe an A bar up front, euro spec pass mirror so they are symetrical, and some new headlights.

Inside is where all the fun is going to be.... you'll have to wait and see, but she's gonna have a sweet interior with some sounds, and plenty of luxury and trick bits!
Nice, I see alot around my way and on the daily commute, they always look tastefully done.

Edit: those roads look familiar, not Pompey is it?
It is indeed mate, north end :) You may have seen my mk2 golf ( background of pics) around (always driven slowly of course ;) )

Well, the plan to spend £600 ish kinda spiralled.....

i have owned her for 2 bloody days and have spent so far:

£90 stereo
£281 DMF
£90 clutch
£10 key
£10 ignition switch
£68 Alarm
£88 injector nozzles
£72 EGR delete pipe ( increases air flow as a bonus helping with throttle response)
£62 decat
£145 Vacuum pump

so thats £916 in total....

And to make the most of the larger injector nozzles, decat and egr system removal, i shall be getting a rolling road remap at cost of £400 odd once i factor in fuel for the drive to manchester to get it done ( the guy ill be using is a legend in the T4 world, well worth travelling for!)

so £1316 done and dusted in my first few days of ownership... and believe me, i havent even started yet! :lol:
It was a day van, ie seats during day, bed at night. that platform had another lift up extension so that when put up was perfect size for blow up mattress.

Have removed it all now in prep for my partition making/re carpeting/ making much betterer!! :lol:
It is indeed mate, north end :) You may have seen my mk2 golf ( background of pics) around (always driven slowly of course ;) )

I recognised the typical camber of the roads there! I used to live in Pompey, now over the hill. There's a guy near me that has one similar, think he runs a VW website and garage. My daughter has two VW Scirocco mk2s and follows the dubscene crew as does her Polo driver boyfriend.
It sure is mate! FAR too drunk to make any kinda real comment now, will do asap tho as lots planned tomoz!
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this one IS staying mate .

Have fitted my EGR removal pipe, short shifted the gear linkage, rebonded the windows, insulated the back, fitted boost guage, had a custom gear lever extension and gearknob machined up, wired in the alarm, fittted new ignition switch, and loads more.

Todays job is swapping the injector nozzles for some new larger ones, fitting new glow plugs while am there, adjusting the fuel pump timing to cure cold start issues, and recalibrating the injector firing rate on the ecu to suit the larger injectors. If i have time/feel the need, im also going to adjust the wastegate actuator arm, as someone has tinkered with it already and the van is producing WAY too much boost! Standard is 0.5 Bar, my mates remapped tuned (145bhp from 88bhp) van is running 1 Bar, yet mine is boosting at 1.6 Bar!!!!!!!!!!! friggin awesome through 1st -4th, but overboosts in 5th and goes into limp mode when under load, ie uphill under acceleration. i reckon with the bits i have fitted, if i run her around 1Bar i should still see 130bhp before the remap, and hopefully that wont carry any overboost issues!

Also have to pick up my decat pipe, and my new rear seats/beds today, ready to fit next week :)
There is an update coming.... been far too busy getting drunk lately (stag do) to sort any updates out!

I now have the pump timing sorted and larger injectors fitted, along with an induction kit, and fingers crossed my overboost issues are no more.

Also have 2 sets of Mazda bongo rear seats fitted on modified full length runners, so i can now move them about and lock the seats in anywhere i like :)

Dual mass flywheel and clutch is next on the hit list, then ill be fitting a Mitsubishi L200 Intercooler ( larger core and surface area over stock T4 item ) and booking her in for the remap which should take her over the 150bhp mark with enough torque to pull a house down :)

Pics to come
Just wondered, because you could just swap the VP pump for a VE from an older engine, that way any mods you do you can adjust the pump yourself instead of having the ECU mapped. There are plenty of mods you can do to them and it just so happens someone sent me a copy of a Bosch techincal manual for these pumps.

If you want I can send it to you, drop me a PM with your e-mail addy and I will send it to you.
I had considered messing with pumps/fuelling/boost control etc manually, but decided against it due to the fact that im not really after massive power, and also as manually changing fuelling etc tends to have a negative effect on fuel economy, which is something id rather keep!

Having said that, that is only what i have found during my research on the web, as i am brand new to TDI tuning, so if im wrong, feel free to point me in the right direction!

Would still be very interested in the article, as it may be something i play with when i get my next project up and running...... ;)

will pm you my email addy :)

It can decrease fuel economy but only when you've got your toe down, when driving normally then fuel economy should stay the same or increase

But yeah diesel tuning is full of myths and legends just as much as tuning a petrol but not all the rules apply and there is still a lot you can do to diesels to make them fly.
OMG! i am never, ever, ever, ever, EVER doing a T4 Dual mass flywheel again!

Next time ill happily pay VW the £700+ and let them get on with it!

still, its done now, and my van is lovely and quiet as it should be :)
Was the single hardest mechanical job i have ever done. It would have been easier to drop the whole engine and box out, split em on the floor and lob it all back in, but i did it in situ, which aint friggin easy! :lol:

million times better now, no judder when setting off, and no annoying rattle constantly!

she's now just needing a new N75 valve and she will be ready for her remap on 28th Jan :)
well, its been a while since i updated.....

got the n75 replaced and had the remap done on 28th jan as intended,she needed a new MAF so bought a genuine one whilst i was there. I wasnt really happy with it on the way home, seemed rather hit and miss, sometimes she flew others it felt like it was holding back. didnt have a clue why it would be like that after the mountain of new parts id put on her, but parked her up and figured id investigate it over the weekend.

Started her up the following morning and knew immediately something was wrong :(
black and blue smoke in massive quantities, and then she started to misfire. absolutely no boost, was actually pulling almost a bar of vacuum!

Turbo off, and it was fooked. found bits of valve and injector tip in there!

so towed van to the yard and set about pulling the engine apart.
Got engine out, whipped head off - no damage! inspected bottom end - no damage!

so i had bits of valve and injector tip in the turbo housing ( and please, i seriously dont know how the hell it managed it either!) from 3k miles ago when it was rebuilt by the previous owner!!! :blink:

So, fully stripped head and block down, and they are being dropped off tomorrow morning for full rebuild, also having the ports worked slightly as commercial vehicle tolerances are ridiculous!
New turbo being ordered, along with water pump, belt kits etc etc etc!

so all in all the engine rebuild is costing me around £1750, not too bad really considering everything in the engine bay then will be brand new :)

Seeing as the vans gonna be off the road for a wee while, iv decided to go the whole hog on her before i put it back on the road....

so, FULL camper conversion going ahead, units in carbon fibre effect, black leather rock and roll bed with seatbelts, all interior fully recarpeted and new floor made, horrible grey commercial vehicle spec dash and door cards repainted black, bumpers colour coded, the list goes on!

gonna be an interesting 6months for sure!
£1750 for the rebuild is not bad at all. Rebuilt 3k ago from the previous owner, sounds a little dubious now considering all of the damage so soon after the engine has effectively been run-in! :amazed:

Wish you the best of luck with all the works, and at least you will be happy in the knowledge of knowing, that the job has been done right this time! :)
Yeah im happy enough with the price, im doing all the labour myself, so saved myself a good few hundred that way.

Iv done nothing but spend money rectifying things they got wrong during the previous rebuild, so it was kinda inevitable really! still, like you say, at least this time ill know 100% everything has been done right!
Thats always the way isn't it, spending time and money correcting someone elses bodges.

Keep us posted, it sounds like a monumnetal job but will be so cool once finished.
Will do waynne!

Have been in negotiations last night with a company who do the camper stuff, managed to get straight to the source instead of using someone who buys their units and fits for inflated prices! most people sell the units and bed for my van at £1450,

im getting this:

supply and fit waterproof carpet inc all steel works , headling etc
supply and fit full run of units colour to be confirmed
supply and fit jds rock and roll bed with 3point seatbelts complete
supply and fit smev hob and sink with tap .
gas hob plumbed in with regulator just require bottle
supply and fit sumbersible water pump
2x water containers
supply and fit new ply floor

and all for £1750.00 :)

All i need to do on top of that is buy a gas bottle, get the electrics fitted and certified ( have a company electrician who will do it for beer money) and pick a floor covering to be laid whilst they are putting a new floor in.

So basically the full conversion will cost in region of £2k. not bad considering teh cheapest full conversions start at £5k!

Just leaving now to drop engine in for rebuild, the plan is starting to take shape!
Sweet motor mate. Would certainly get some good looks from the camper generation down here in Cornwall. Theres a guy living over the road who owns a mint green one that has Boxer engine from a Porsche. Bloody shifts I tell ya. Think you can see it in one of my Vectra pictures in my GSi thread.
Cheers mate, plenty more touches to come yet!

I dropped the engine off at Banda engineering on friday for her rebuild.

Got phone call today to say all was well, no worn bearings or shells etc, so all she needs is a new head kit, headgasket, bolts, and some new piston rings.

Happy happy man

Also spoke to a VW T4 specialist not too far away who has done me an AMAZINGLY good price on putting everything back together, new water pump, belts,idlers, fluids etc and timing her up for me.

So once i get the engine back from banda and the shiny new turbo arrives ill be taking it up there to be put back together. More money doing it that way, but ill have someone to blame if anything were to go wrong!!!!
Yeah am hoping once she goes back for some tweaks to the remap she will run either the same power cleanly, or maybe some more running with a bit of the old smoke :)
Nice, just so you know, some of the pump mods that can be done to my older VE pump do apply to the VP like yours, the standard internals do have there limitations but theres plenty that can be done if you want more power/torque.

For example a bigger head and plunger the timing and govener mods probably won't apply though.
Yeah i did read through that stuff and mentioned it to my tuner, but the pump on mine can give enough fuel for more power than my standard DMF and clutch can cope with so its not really needed! even if i swap the nozzles for 520 race nozzles and chuck a hybrid turbo on (with remap about 210bhp, 385 lb/ft) with the heavy duty dmf/clutch to cope, the fuel pump will still be within its limits. There are a couple of swedish guys on the forum who have taken their T4s to 250bhp+ and they reckon the pump is good for 230bhp ish then you start needing to upgrade.

But thats way more power than i need for what will be my family camping wagon/daily!

may have an uber cool daily van to share with you all in next couple days, just working out a deal.... :)
Just a thought anyways, and thats fair enough.

This might sound like a daft question but which way does the engine turn in your van? and is the pump mounted on the right hand side or the left?
Mounted on the right looking at it, and engine runs a/c.

had to bail on the other van, looked epic but was completely useless as a van, so had to be sensible!

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