Tesla mean business

Elon Musk has a very good business model in Tesla. Use the high end luxury car market as the mule. Profits from Tesla car sales are ploughed back into development.

I'd rather buy a small car with luxury car technology behind it than buy a luxury car with small car technology behind it.

He has a good stance and I like it.

I've test driven a Tesla Model S (P85, single motor) so rear wheel drive. Don't like the look of the air vents, but the big touch screen is far nicer than it appears in photos.

It's around the size of a 7 series BMW.

It's nice. You'd never know that Tesla hasn't been making luxury cars for very long at all.

The one I drove was apparently around 450bhp. And performed in keeping with that figure.

I'd urge everyone to take up the offer of a test drive.
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The building that is going to be created will be the 2nd largest in the world by volume, only slightly smaller than Boeing's Everett, Washington plant.
The lack of charging points and relatively long charge times is holding me back. I have a friend with an electric car who quite happily sits in the service station for 20-60 minutes whilst the car is charged up.
It is built to sustain earthquakes.
So Elon Musk built a giant earthquake generator in Nevada?!? :rofl:
Seriously though. Tesla is really a revolutionary company. Just recently in my city, CalTrans finished revamping a Park'n'Ride structure, which includes solar carports and at least eight EV charging stations. Elon Musk is serious about his double vision of preserving our planet and expanding to others. Tesla is spearheading the way in undercutting big auto (which I want to stay) and big oil (which I think almost nobody wants to stay). But I'm sure that 'Mericans and U.K.ers have different reasons for that.
I like Tesla motors. It's nearly revolutionary. I've driven a couple of Model S. Very nice. Sure, it will take time for the concept to gain acceptance but the same applied to fossil fuelled cars a century ago.
I can understand the appeal of a driverless car. I have said many times that most cars in the Uk are driverless anyway.

More to the point, the Tesla Model S is very very pleasant to drive indeed. No car is perfect, nor is the [Model] S. However, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Tesla has been making high performance luxury cars for half a century or more.
times are changing RAPIDLY, the new Chinese electric sport coupe at Geneva show!

1000hp 1000MPG to a tank of fuel. Techrules car.

is that really possible?
around Austin TX , we have dozens of Tesla cars , most are 85 S.
also Elon made a statement , that within 50yrs , most of the living people will be under computer control, they wont be able to function without them!
hey T9, i visited for a day the BOEING museum in Washington State.

absolutely awesome history and interesting developments in all things scientific.
by 2017 all Buick cars will be manufactured in China, then will be transported to USA, and sold around the world !

somehow Clarkson reminds me of Donald Trump, on a lower scale.

back some years ago 1955,my father said Japan will never make it in the industrial world !

YES, that idea gone away, look at them today!

and China is not going away either! only getting more power along the way.

all in due time!!
China is phenomenal at doing things that have already been done in a much cheaper, larger-scale fashion with their command economy. They're terrible at real innovation. And at honesty (*chOlymicgate-ch*). They're the neighborhood jerk who 1-ups you at everything you do, but never does anything first.
this car is right around the corner from me(1/2mile).
1967 Mustang, electric, 0-60mph 1.94 seconds, top speed Texas mile 174mph.
not bad for 2 used electric forklift motors, and bunch of batteries!
darn i cant upload any pix from my picture gallery, HOW to?
in the 1950s people said Japan will never amount to much in the industrial world!!!
look at them today?

just as naysayers are saying today, about China, all in due time, people!

rumor has that GM Buick cars will be manufactured in China, then shipped to USA !

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