TCJB'S latest/last mod ?


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2011 Honda FN2
Have installed the smaller GT3076R that has a twin scroll AR82 V band turbine housing and exchanged the LS1 coils to LS2's and will be removing the 750cc lo imp injectors for 1000cc hi imp injectors as the 750's were at 87% duty cycle.
The car will be tweaked by my trusted dyno tuner and am not necessarily looking for more power ( If you believe that I have an opera house for sale:lol: ) but wanting the car to be more responsive out of slow corners and chicanes that are part of the events I enter.
Will be trailering it up to him an app 2 hour drive away on Wednesday next so will keep you posted.
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Well I delivered the car to my tuner and the next day he calls and queries the injector cc's as he says that he should have been taking fuel away as they are higher rated cc's but has to add fuel and something is not right so he removed the NEW injectors and sent them away to be tested and has called to advise that 1 was a dud and it was the cause of the problems he had with fueling so they are heading back to the supplier and a new set will be sent back, as expected both of us are not impressed.:mad:

Modified cars are so character building and I now have the stuff running out both ears :eek:
Apparently the dud injector flowed 1000cc's at 100% duty cycle but was faulty when pulsing at all other DC flow tests.\B :mad:
Well I have just had a call from my tuner and have dropped app 25 hp with the smaller turbo up top BUT have a huge increase in torque and response and the car is waaay livelier down low and still on only 19-20 psi boost.
He says that it will be so much fun to drive that I won't know what to do with it all .:) |B

So off on an app 2 hour drive (each way)to collect it after my morning shift at the local produce store.
They had a problem on the dyno that was tracked down to a faulty NEW just fitted injector that cost me $290.00 extra to fix.:( (extra dyno time ,remove and refit inj's plus flow testing to find the faulty one)
I have sent the supplier a copy of the invoice and today they are going to reimburse me in full |B:D

It's great to know there are still some reputable suppliers who back the products they sell |B |B
My no 1 son had a test drive of what he calls "his inheritance" and came back and told me the back tyres need replacing as they lacked grip.:eek:

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