TCJB'S latest track day 29/10/15


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2011 Honda FN2
Not long home from the afternoon session of the Time Attack series at my local track (that is an app 45 minute drive towing my car) safe and sound :)

The weather was overcast with a light shower during a couple of sessions so took it easy as it was so easy to loose rear traction when accelerating but the track eventually dried so could push a bit harder and got within 1 second of the leader of the class who drives a 6.25 litre worked Commodore track car with big 6 piston Clubsport brakes.

Unfortunately I was experiencing some difficulties with the gearbox as it was hard to find a gear at times so the box has to come out as I think it may be a selector fork problem :confused:

It has been getting steadily more difficult to change gears for some time now so will have to bite the bullet and get it out and sent away to be recoed.

Was not a pleasant experience when braking from app170 k's to about 120k's for T1 and being stuck in neutral :eek: but managed to keep it out of the kitty litter:)
It often take a good session on a track to shake down all of the faults and issues with a car. Hope you get it sorted ok and the car I'm sure will be running better than ever afterwards.
Thanks guys |B

I did manage the odd good lap when everything clicked and the box only played ball most of the time and managed to get within 6/10ths of my PB on the clubman circuit :)

Funny thing is that I don't feel my age when hot lapping until it's time to get out of the car then all the usual the aches and pains all come back until I belt up again for the next session.

PS I am thinking that my PB will be broken next year when I will have a bit more confidence with a recoed box in place :)
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