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When was the last time you chatted to a stranger about their car?

Did they mind? What car was it? I find the drivers of hot hatches and production cars are often wary assuming you want to nick it.

With classic cars the reaction is totally different and they will generally even take you round the block and lift up the lid for you to see the engine.

Flash car drivers are generally, i've found snobbish and unwilling to even acknowledge you.

What reactions have you had in this situation.
when in Canada, as they love their trucks and cars over there, they always seem willing to let you have a prod around. one guy with a modded RAM 1500, 5.7l, took me off roading. came picked me up and took us a spill around lol. UK 's seem to be quite reasonable and will have a chat with you.
I know what you mean wayne about classic car owners, always keen to show off their cars. with good reason also.
Every day at work this happens ;).

Sensible answer... I do this (and get approached) a fair bit just out and about. I love talking cars with people. I lost about an hour of my day talking to a guy with a Jaguar XF-RS on McDonalds car park a few weeks back!
Theres a guy i see most days on the way home from work. One day he has his 458 on the driveway, the next day its his ariel atom. Then his Caterham 500, then his GTR And the list goes on and on. But he is a really nice guy, bit dubious at first when you speak to him (and rightly so, when a young lad walks up near your fortune worth of cars in his grubby mechanic uniform lol :p). but once you introduce yourself nicely and that. Nice bloke :). Was surprised as i was expecting a rude reply telling me where to go :p.
I often talk to people about their cars. It's more interesting than the weather!

I find that cars tend to break down barriers it's something all people have in common and we all suffer from the same traffic issues.
Don't really get the opportunity, the closest I got to this was chatting to the guy parking up a load of Rolls Royce's that had booked the first two floors of an NCP I visit for a week :)

There are some stunning cars in this NCP and I would dearly love to chat with some of the owners. Unfortunately the cars are there when I arrive in the morning and still there when I leave in the early afternoon :(
when i owned my r5 gt turbo i honestly cant remember many times that i went out in it and didnt have someone talking to me about it
I must assure you that they were not typical of the English and I apologise for any distress thay caused you. You must have been bored silly :)

:rofl: Quite the opposite. They were very polite,charming and knowledgeable gentlemen and meeting them was one of the highlights of our trip:)
Many years ago I used to get stopped by the Police just for a chat about my car (Firenza days). Not these days, even they seem to have lost the love for some cars and people, guess it is the age group thing. Some patrols know their cars and others tar you with the same brush as they see the car and assume chav, not enthusiast. However I do stop and chat with other owner/drivers when I feel the need to share a story or two.
I love chatting to drivers. Classic VW owners are among the friendliest around. It's funny though cos people who own new mini's or new beetles are the most unlikely to strike up a conversation about thier car!

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