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Do you take the "racing line" on roads? It can be done if you stay in lane and do a bit of apex clipping.

Obviously it can be dangerous if done without condiseration to other road users but I think you can learn a lot about anticipation and setting the car up if you start thinking about racing lines.

I should really say only attempt this on an empty road and if the road is empty then there is no reason why you can't use both sides as long as the road markings permit this and you have good forward visibility.

Do you take the racing line?
on certain roads yes as you can see far enough ahead to monitor if there is traffic coming. yet on others the corners are just slightly too blind so not a chance of knowing whats coming
Yes. Sometimes. Actually, I should say, I try to. Dont know if it is the correct line. :)
All the time, though i stay in my own lane when other cars are comming but still try and to take the racing line as much as possibile as it helps with fuel economy
taking the racing line is the easy way to drive:p
try pushing your car while sticking to your own side of the road its much more fun (this is 1 way of livening up a mundane drive and learning the limits of your car;))
If the road is clear for you to do this then do so, by all means. It's down to the driver to determine this so it boils down to observation and mirror usage.

Roads are not race tracks, however, so let's not confuse the two.

I see nothing wrong with positioning your car for stability and vision. If the situation makes the opportunity available then sieze it.

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