ST exhaust on normal Focus


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Focus 1.8 Zetec S
I have a 2010 focus - zetec s with the body kit that looks kinda like the ST...

would it be possible to fit an exhaust system from the ST? i understand that it might not fit around the rear bumber but that's not an issue... are the mounting points there etc?

Many thanks for anyones help :D
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)

I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck! :)
I think the diameter is different. You may still be able to get it on but it won't be as simple as just undoing some bolts, and putting it in place. Also the routine might be different. How much do you want to change? Cat back?
I would change as much as required :-) i know to remove an st exhaust you need to cut it but i can weld so thats fine
The answer is of course it will fit ( but so will any similar exhaust if you cut it enough)

I cant imagine you have to cut any exhaust just to get it off though.

but to answer the question ...If it is just for looks why not just cut of the rear section .....or even just the tailpipe
well it's just to make my car look a little more like an ST without having a huge loud exhaust :)

if im not mistaken the back box on an ST is right at the back and on my car it currently sits a little further forward than the back wheels... so if i just attach the back box then i will add even more restriction for the gasses ??
It doubt it will make any practical difference on a standard engine.

besides at st box will probably give much more flow than the existing one
I cant imagine you have to cut any exhaust just to get it off though.

It's a Ford, be prepared for anything :lol: When I changed the exhaust on the FRS it was either a case of cutting the old one or dropping the whole rear subframe (yes they went on as one piece cat-back in the factory BEFORE the rear subframe!). Suffice to say the grinder came straight out :toung:
Then change it from the easiest place, you don't want to be adding an extra box tbh. You will probably just have to weld a reducer in.
Okay, where would i get a new rear diffuser from (st mk3 style) and would it fit my current bumper ??

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T9 man
Darn it! lol i've got my st back box and just waiting for the mounts...

where can i get the diffuser from as i cannot find any on fleabay or the web :/
Not necessarily. Try Graham at first, he won't be able to tell you if it fits but he will probably be able to source and send you one cheaper than through Ford.
Yeah as said it has to be cut unless you want to drop the sub-frame which is a huge pain in the rear. i have an ST exhaust in my basement from when I upgraded mine to Mongoose. I'm thinking you would have to get an ST rear bumper at the very least. The main problem you might face is that because it's twin exhausts is the room for the pipework underneath. Definitely hold up an ST exhaust to the underside of yours before ordering anything just to make sure. Good luck with it :D
completely forgot about this thread... for anyone reading it can be done and i did it...

the exhaust fits just under the zetec s diffuser and looks nice :)

i sold the car just after fitting and bought an ST so didn't get a picture :(

but i cut the old pipe just after the rear axle and slipped the st pipe over the top (so one tube inside the other)

no difference in sound just a nice twin pipe at the back :)

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