Fitting Sub to focus stock stereo


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Focus Zetec S

Hoping that you may be able to help.

Does the 2012 focus have the outputs on the stock stereo to allow the fitting of a subwoofer?

I cannot answer that directly, but if it does not have a direct low level link then most decent active subs have the facility to use a high level input to drive the sub ie. the rear speakers go through it and it takes its lfe from there.
dont know if it will.
if it doesnt however you can get adaptors that splice into the rear outputs to allow connections of amps.
not as good as a dedicated output but a start for you if you dont want to change the headunit

the only other thing i can suggest is was there a top spec headunit or speaker upgrade avalible? these might have used pins on the headunit to power the amps for a sub if connected

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