Renault B9N ECU remaps non existing?


Renault Megane 1.3T
Im just wondering if anyone knows why is there no tuning maps or anything worthwhile for the new-ish 1.3 TCe renault engines out there? Ive asked a few companies that do tuneups here in EU but they all said that they cant get or cant remap the ECU of these engines and that they sadly cannot help me. These parts have been out in the wild for a couple of years now, i suppose someone could "crack the code" already and offer tools or software for these units. Im just lowkey salty about it and want some additional info on the matter.
Many Renault owners are going for aftermarket ECU's these can be custom mapped and setup and are becoming very affordable now.

Apexi, Megasquirt are the biggest names, but there are so many out there, it depends what you can get in your region and if you can find someone to set it up with a map.

This engine I believe was a collaborative effort with Daimler so it is different to other PSA group engine.

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