Changing the spark plugs on a Renault Clio Campus D4F-722


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Renault Clio 1.2
Just about to change out the old sparkies on my car, since I'm getting a p0302 error (Cyclinder 2 misfire) also also I'm getting "Low air flow error" occasionally.

Any advice before I go in? None of my spark plug sockets fit down the recess so I'm headed to halfords to see if I can get a thin walled one.

While I'm down there it seems the cables are in good working order but a bit mucky/oily. But is there anything else I should do?

Is copper lube suitable on the threads of the sparkplugs? I'm worried about over tightening and breaking the threads.

Any idea of size or particular brand?

This one claims to be perfectly suited.

Of course I'll throw some pics up on here of the process.
Well being the plonker that I am I got the wrong plugs!

Anyways, here is sparkplug 2 v sparkplug 1.

imgur album

Also icky air filter. Booked this bad boy in for a full service anyways.

Such sootiness comparing 2 to 1! Ideas?

Leads seem fine but I couldn't test them annoyingly.
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Swapping out the plugs seems to have worked, well I also chucked in some petrol fuel injector cleaner and no more error codes.

I still note some hesitancy under heavy acceleration but I don't seem to accurately recall if this was always a issues :p

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