Quality-of-sound system - advice sought


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Hi guys.

Need a point in the right direction please.

I'm looking to put some decent sound in my Golf and am looking for quality of sound rather than volume - I never have it THAT loud. I do however lsten to a wide variety of music; drum and bass up to classical when the mood takes me, so good quality across the whole range is important to me.

I have read good things about the bazooka sub and I like the look of it, but don't know really where to start with the rest. any suggestions welcome.

Thanks guys.

No rattles really though it isn't the most solid of cars. No sound proofing at all. And I have an old sony head unit in at the mo - I am wanting to get a new one with the rest.
Sorry for the slow replies. About £500-£750 by the time you factor in install and boxes and work that needs doing on the panels etc
imo I don't think you should go bazooka, I really don't like the sound from them, I find it's a very hollow thud sound no real pounding sound. In a small car like that I'd suggest a 8" solo baric L5, an L7 will sound better but they cost quite a bit more. I bought a 12" solo baric L5 in a ported box on ebay for only $200, that's the price of just the box in a store. Sounded great for years and still sounded great when the car was sold. I'd also suggest kicker, alpine or jl audio for speakers but almost just as importantly as the brand name is the type of speaker, coaxial or component. Go with component with a set of crossovers and you'll have amazing sound. I'd also suggest getting rid of that sony head unit and getting a jvc. As for amps, go more for quality then size, especially if you put a 8" subwoofer you don't need anything big just good quality. In my car I have 2 10" alpine type r subs that run 500watts rms 1500watts peak, I only have 2 450watt amps powering them and they sound great.
Alpine's type r sub range is very good actually. But to get the best from them you really should hook them up to a Class D amp.
Infinity are the speakers of choice for components.
Well I am a musician but I ain't that technical when it down to it really, but from what I can gather it would seem that any sub woofer you go for I would use a solid enclosure (as in no ports or sound holes) You say you listen to drum and bass then this will help the speakers response time and will create a "tighter" sounding bass which I would say will sound the best for that genre, don't go for bigger than 10" though, also will help on the classical front, I'd go for some components in the front and on the rear shelf or the rear doors, 6x9's are great but they will make the whole tone of the system too heavy and you will loose a lot of the mid tone range which is what is needed for classical music, I think that Infinity speakers will fit the bill the best, as for sub woofers I'm not sure what to go for as I am still yet to find one I like, I'm very particular about things like this. It's very annoying when using some else's guitar amp!!!
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