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Im going to try and build up my ice..:bigsmile: but the problem i realy dont have a clue.. :embarrest:lol
Im ok electrical side of it..but where speakers need to be positioned and the best products to get is where i get lost..:blink:
this is my boot&parcel shelf .. i would like to put 2 12" subs in the parcel shelf.. is this the boot space is limited due to the strut brace..don't want a big install just a good looking system..


also if there are any good links to forums where i can learn,,please post them up..
A single 12" sub in the boot cavity will give you a better result if you can find room for a suitable enclosure. Low frequencies are fairly non-directional, especially so within the confines of a small space such as a car.

If you use a power anplifier with a separate sub-out that's amplified then drive it with that. If it's a passive output then you will need an additional monoblock power amplifier.

Feeding higher frequencies to the sub is not a problem in itself as the driver unit itself will act as a very effective first order low pass filter.

It is important to roll off the low end to the car's other speakers otherwise you'll potentially have them competing with the sub which can lead to some every strange spatial and phasing effects with some notes cancelling and others reinforcing.

This can actually be quite disorientating and nauseating for the listener.

What the sub should be doing is extending the low end response of the whole system downwards in frequency, but in a linear fashion rather than just boosting the low/mids to excess.

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