Polo vento 1.6 MPI NA exhaust mod


Polo vento 1.6 MPI
Hi guys ,

I need some advice on the exhaust mod.

I own a polo vento 1.6 MPI NA engine . Engine code CLSA is a EA111 engine. I check all over the internet, looks like no one modify the exhaust before.

I want to mod the cat back but i have no idea how many inches of diameter i can increase. Currently my catback pipe diameter is 1.6 inch.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Greetings and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

Firstly, I would keep the exhaust diameter at 1.6 inches, if you have not had any other performance engine work done then the current exhaust size will be fine. You don't have to buy an exhaust system off the shelf, many decent exhaust centres can make you a custom system and in some cases the price can be quite competitive. Plus you will also have the added bonus of being able to ask for a particular kind of exhaust noise if that's your thing.
I am going to mod the CAI and ECU mapping for this car and also looking at exhaust manifold mod from 4- 1 to 4-2-1 with performance cat.

The exhaust manifold with performance cat is pretty much know how to do it just the catback might need to test with different sizes. Unfortunately the exhaust shop does not provide trade in so it means i need to pay much more extras for different size pipe.

This model of polo seems not available in Europe and only available in India / russia and south Africa. it means is harder for me to find any modification reference from google.

Hopefully anyone from India can enlighten me :P

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