new ice for 2006 ford focus


hook, hampshire
Golf MK5 GTI
hello all,
i have no idea about ice, my focus has a double din head unit and standard speakers front with tweeters, and rear speakers.
i want to replace the head unit with either a double din or just standard unit, and replace all the speakers and get some 6x9s for the parcel shelf, i was looking at vibe QB69s are these any good and also what amps would i need to run this system??

thanks for any help :)

Vibe's QB69's are rubbish leave them be. If I was you I'd uprate the speakers you have and have a 10 inch sub in the boot rather than 6x9's. It will give good clear sounds and a bit of bass.
what about this for a new head unit
Alpine CDE-W203RI 2DIN Radio I-POD Ready CD MP3 AUX

is it any good does anyone no and if those 6x9s r rubbish what others are good as i need the boot space for my job so cant realy fit a sub in there at the moment?? also any thoughts on speakers anyone??

thanks tom
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