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Ipswich - England
1.0 Corsa
A friend of mine is looking to do a big ICE install in his focus he wants me to help him, we have sorted out all the speakers and amps however we still dont know what head unit to put in and we dont know how to wire the remote cable properly..
these are all the speakers and amps we have chosen:
2x Crunch GP4100 4 channel amps, 1 for the front speakers and 1 for the rear speakers.
A Stealth BL-1600 4 channel amp for the subs.
2x Vibe SLICK 10's and a Vibe SLICK 15 for bass
2 sets of Vibe SLICK 57's for the doors(its a 5 door)
Crunch GRP 693 6x9's for the rear

my questions are this
1-will this install 'kill' the battery and require a cap or another battery
2-what is a suitable headunit to power all of this (it wont have any speakers from it so speaker output power is not a problem)
3-how will we wire the remote cable up? will just spliting it be able to turn all the amps on at the same time? or will we need a relay?
4-would it be possible to fit some sort of dimmer switch to the 15 sub to turn it down when needed?

i know this is a big install but boot space is not a problem so next to the whole boot will be gone..:toung:
You've not mentioned the power of these items, a cap is generally a good idea. I think you can adjust the bass volume and this is as near to a dimmer switch as you can get. A head unit with a spearate sub out will generally have a control for this anyway or just adjust the bass/treble settings.
wheres the big system ?

why are you wanting 2 4 channel amps to power 4 speakers ?
use 1 amp 2channels for the front and 2 for the rear.

ditch the 6x9s if your running decent speakers in the door and subs in the boot then 6x9s will be wasted

headunit. anything with a 3 pre outs that have a decent voltage to the amps

personally i would have 1 4 channel amp to power the front and rear speakers

2 decent amps, mono channel ones, to power the subs. this will allow you to set up each sub individually
The 4 channel amps are there because they give room for improvement, ie if we wanted to put 2 more speakers in the front doors the amp would have 2 spare channels allowing us to do this.
The reason we have run the subs off 1 amp is because we intend to run each 'set' of speakers from the preout it was intended for, ie front 2 off front pre-out and the subs from the 'sub' pre-out etc.
Would 'daisy chaining' a mono amp off of a normal amp give more control over the subs without losing too much signal.
this would mean the too SLICK 10's are run from 1 amp and the SLICK 15 has its own amp?
There is still the problem of the remote cable.. with the daisy chain i just suggested there are 4 amps run off 1 headunit, will simply splitting the signal work?
the way i done it was using a splitter- basically it was a small amp that powered the RCA leads rather than speaker. the cheaper option is using Y splitter - halfords stock them for aout £10 a pair

re remote cable i used a relay with the remote operating the switch and the wires to each amp twisted together and conected to the relay

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