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As we have a few already I thought I would start a new forum for our Pontiac owners. So pop a hello in this thread and tell us what you've got/done.;)
Ive got a 1996 firebird formula. I dont have much done to it yet, Ive got cold-air intake, dual exhaust, and the engine has a chip and was tuned by thunder racing, a local shop.
What power are you putting down Steveo? It sounds like a bit of a beast. Do you take it on the track or is it a daily fast road car. You'll have to post up some pics for us when you get to 10 posts.;)
Im not sure of exact numbers on hp or torque, i bought the car after it had been tuned by thunder racing. I use her as a daily driver but i do know she tops out at 162mph and runs a 13.6 quarter mile on daily driver tires.
They are pretty good stats, the car is quite big and heavy which makes it all the more impressive.
hi steveo is running well has the lt1 lump in it

i have just sold my 79 trans am and bought a 01 ws6 ram air trans am pics to come on saturday when i go and pay for it and see it but this thing flys
Dang that 01 is gonna seriously haul i bet. Ill get some pictures of mine up as soon as i can, its in the shop right now getting the front end fixed, some idiot in his jacked up truck backed right into me the other night. Hopefully Ill have pics by next week.
well have just payed for it so i have a 01 ram air now has a few mods like race cam 90mm f.a.s.t intake ect the bloke said it was every quick and old git on here said it should be running about 460bhp few mods i have in mind will kick that up

pic for you


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