pontiac firebird 5.0L v8 1988


Mr din

hey , im a proud owner of a pontiac firebird 1988 it have just recently recieved it as a birth day present and i hae already had a 2 grand paint job now im looking to do some mods to the engine.i no the car has alot of powers as it is but it doesnt give the kick that i would realy like
can anyone give me some tips on what i cna do to improve the car
Hi there and a warm welcome to you.

Which engine does it have and how much are you wanting to spend?

Is it an auto or manual?
Welcome to the site mate, If it's a V8 which will probaly be, go for the supercharger ;) But from what I've read the Firebird in the 1998 had the 5.7 LS1 engine which is found in the Corvettes or the Monaro's. So with this in mind you could actually go down the 6.0 LS2 engine or even the 6.2 LS3. I'm not sure if you will be able to get hold of the very powerful 7.0 with throttle bodies very easly. But a couple of instant power options for you, and certainly most cost effective ;)
bad he said 88 not 98 lol

you have the carb engine or the tpi inj engine

must stuff you will find will be for the 350 5.7 same as whats in the gta's

to give you a good kick you will have to spend a bit of money as they are all low end i had a 87 gta and that was a quick motor kept up with a 911 or what ever they are now till i hit the top speed then it just past me but still (70 officer) was fast

i have had a few of them had a 79 87 01 and now a 78 the quickest was the 01 as it was race tuned infact i was doing teh same speed as the top speed of the 87 in 3rd gear and had loads more to go

but if you want to email me i can give you a few good sites to look at for advice
I know lol, he has the 88 5.0 V8 model, but what I discovered was that they dropped the 5.7 LS1 engine in 1998 so i was sueggesting a nice engine conversion for him to take it from just over 200bhp up to 400bhp. The Corvette gearbox will even go straight in aswell ;)
well the ls1 lump is only 320 bhp and i think the 98 ls1 was only 310
and the vette box does not just go stright in as there is a lot of work making a new back mount and remouding the tunnel as when i had my 01 ls1 i looked into a vette box and it was just to much work

unless you are racing then the vette box can handle a lot more bhp
but the ls1 is made for so much power just the injectors and fuel pump std is good up to about 650 bhp

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