Pontiac g5. Is modifying this car worth it?

Pontiac G5 2.2L
So I'm just starting to learn about modifying cars and i got a Pontiac g5. Is this car even worth modifying? It only has 57,000 miles on it but its an automatic; that holds it back a lot. I thought about just saving up for an '04 Acura RSX.
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I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

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Is any car worth modifying? Totally a personal thing. One person's perfect car to modify is another's perfect car to scrap :)

The only person who can decide whether it is worth modifying this car is you.

What are you thinking of doing? Bodywork, engine, suspension, all three? What is your budget, skill level, available time? Is it your daily driver or a project car?

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i posted in the TC Chevy forum.

pix can say a thousand words,, 800hp Ecotec.

GM has performance manual book for the Ecotecs making over 1000hp!


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"What are you thinking of doing? Bodywork, engine, suspension, all three? What is your budget, skill level, available time? Is it your daily driver or a project car?"

I was just wanting to do some engine work (Cold air intake, full exhaust, possibly a higher flow header) just to give it a little more kick and getting some coilovers to lower it a bit. But this is possibly down the road as I graduate this year.
Congratulations on your graduation buddy :)

Thanks bro! I'm sick of my highschool! Lol. But I am a serious beginner when It comes to cars. I have done alot of serious reading on cars and how they work and alot of different performance and suspension mods that you can do to a car but reading isn't gonna get me under the car. Do you get what I'm saying? Haha I can read about this stuff but I haven't had the ability to get hands on. I am taking an automotive course though but it's the introductory class. Meaning oil changes and basic service is all that will be taught. But when I say hands on, meaning work on a car. My Pontiac g5 doesn't need working on. I do oil changes with my dad but that's it. The one problem that is has is the timing chain. It's loose and idk if its the actual chain that's come loose somehow or the tensioner needs replacing but I don't have the tools or the experience to take off everything that is needed and then take off the head to get to it.

One of my friends at my school drives a 1999 Honda civic SI. He had to do a motor swap cuz the first one in it blew up. He's known how to do that cuz I guess he thought "either I swap it or i don't drive." What I'm getting at is the kids that know the ends and outs of a car have learned themselves because the needed to.

That being said, I don't consider myself one of those kids just because I don't have a car that really needs work done every day.

This was literally an entire essay on my predicament but id love an 05/-06 Acura rsx type s because those Honda motors, the k20z1, a3 and a2 are open to many aspects of tune ability that the little ecotech motor in my economy family car can't . Hell, my g5 would barely be able to withstand a turbo. Anything over 250hp and I would start having to replace internals and I wouldn't want to do that when the Acura Rsx's engines are more durable and more tuner friendly in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this entire essay man! I went on a rant!
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Depends what you have money for really. I've upgraded a lot of cars that might not have been strictly worth doing in terms of performance but I learnt a lot doing it so it was worth it for that.
your car is not alone - far fewer na engines than you would imagine can just have a turbo bolted on
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