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Not sure where to put this so this seemed like a good place.

Just bought a replacement daily drive for my Caldina GT4

Nissan stagea Axis (Autech version ) with all autech options

V6 turbo
Tipronic box
Black with grey leather
Full autech bodykit
18" Axis alloys
autech suspension - lowered with autech springs and stock dampers changed for axis bilsteins
axis front 2.jpg axis int.jpg

Wont be here until late july /early august and probably on the road end of August
no long term plans because its going to be a daily driver so it will be kept pretty standard (honestly ) besides I already have one stupid stagea .
Possibly but thats where the similarity ends.

Besides which chrysler do you mean ?
I have a feeling that the petrol station issue can be suffered if the car gives you many smiles per miles Brian :)
I should really have said its a fact rather than a problem . After all theres no way a v6 turbo tiptronic with 300bhp and AWD was ever going to be economical in that body
Would the fuel consumption be any different if the motor in the car was a straight 6 the same capacity and power??
to clarify we are talking 20ish mpg around town with obviously better on longer runs

The previous two stagea models were straight six single turbo . Early series one cars used the RB25 DET motor the later cars used the same block with the (alleged) better Neo head .

mpg isnt much different but the v6 has more low down punch but cant rev or produce the high range power the straight sixes do.
Then theres the twin turbo Rb26 fitted to the autech stagea . this is a completely different proposition .

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