Nationals coming up so some TLC required

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Yes it is that time again when the Beast has to put in an appearance at the Saab Nationals. Have neglected it over the last couple of months for my shame :( But I am back on the case now :)

Had Matt my smart repair guru sort out some of those niggling things on the bodywork and some of the carbon fibre trims, Matt you are a marvel sir |B

Gotta <B the way you keep the beast looking in showroom condition|B
That probably cost as much or more than my years racing budget .V( :lol:
Cheers Obi |B

Also took the Beast into the garage on Tuesday for a couple of things, my coolant expansion bottle was showing signs of heat warping and there was a funny metal to metal rattling sound coming from the front end somewhere. So the lads whipped the car up on to a ramp to investigate the rattling sound first; blimey that was not expected :( The exhaust downpipe had a break right through it which looked like it had been cut by a laser o_O So this would explain why I only heard the noise when I first fired up the car, once the pipe got hot and expanded the gap was closed and no more noise. It also shed some light on why the coolant bottle had warped due to excess heat. So what I originally thought would be an hour or so turned into four of them.

Oh well, the team looked after me as always with coffee, biscuits and good banter and in no time at all the job was done.
I wish I knew Guy, going to have to put it down to a design flaw, contacted Simpson Racing and told them about it, going to take the car back there next week after the Nationals and they will look into it for me. The garage is off the opinion that it is a Simpson design flaw, there are no flexible couplers in the set up as they do not use them for the BTCC systems and F1 but as there is more movement on a road car engine (At my level anyway) they think this is what the problem was.
I was going to query if there was a flex pipe in the system especially in the wastegate pipe as that would not get as hot so the expansion rate would be different the dump pipe so hopefully it looks like it has been sorted.
Just thinking out loud :)

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