Turbo coming loose fix


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2011 Honda FN2
Had the top mount turbo getting loose no matter how tight I tensioned the nuts as it seemed either the lock washers were not doing their job OR the studs were working loose and it was a PITA having to remove the turbo to replace the gasket so put my thinking cap on and came up with hi ten Allen head cap screws and Nord Lock washers and problem solved.

IMO this method also will make gasket change easier/faster should it be needed as by removing the cap screws there is sufficient movement to be able to remove and replace the gasket without having to completely remove and refit the turbo .

Another bonus is that the difficult nuts to get at are no longer a problem as I have a long Allen key shaft Araldited into a socket that makes this so easy now.

Fitting tab lock washers does not solve the possibility of the studs working loose over repeated heat cycles.

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