My old Honda CRX vt

I've just found some photos of my crx, so i thought i'd share.


And with new 17" alloys


Looks like a tidy CRX. I can't stand the Del Sol's. They are the runt of the litter.

17"s look a tad big for it, but just my opinion. I'm sure it'll look sweet when you have it how you want it.
Del Sols may be the runt of the litter but even runts can grow & excel given time & care. Take Sophia Loren and all those other underprivileged runts, for instance. Horse for courses, Chum.
Out of all honda's, I have always loved these. These and I used to like preludes.

Just looking at costs. They are going for £3500+!! :amazed:

I remember when people were selling these for less than a grand!

If you have £3500 to save, don't put it in a bank, buy one of these and dry store it. They are only going up in value.
These and the preludes are awesome, wanted to buy one at one stage, but the availables were all in horrid shape, seems the good ones are hard to get hold of.

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