Prince's 1999 Honda Civic Coupe

Hi all, I've been for a while now, and I spent 5 hours cleaning and waxing my car today so I thought I would finally post up some pics of my Civic. All comments welcome.


its the same as mine prince the silver doesnt really show the shine in photos it has to be seen for real

bet it looks fantastic. give it a few days until the bugs have been playing chicken with with the front end ;)
Cheers guys. It feels good as well! I only used a bit of soapy water on the wheels, just had to be careful not to get any water on the brakes.
My brakes were pretty rusty after I finished - it all came off after a short run though. Don't worry about getting the brakes wet. I bet you still drive it in the rain ;)
This is a good ride Prince. If U can manage some 16" Chrome alloy with Yokohama, Side Skirts, Sports Bumper on both the front & rear end, Sports Spoiler, a good muffler (I like the RSR Mufflers, they are so sweet!!), lowering shocks, orange neon, and medium dark tint on the glasses......... hell yeah....that'd be the ride of anyones dream!!!
Thanks Sunny! :bigsmile:

The plan is 18 inch rims (Lenso RS5s), full body kit, new spoiler (or maybe have the current one removed), candy red paint, tinted back windows and maybe some red neons but just for show. When the car is lowered (around 25mm - bloody speed bumps) I might have to have the arches popped or get 17s. The engine bay will also be styled when I'm finished with the performance and a nice ICE in-stall in the boot. The interior I'm looking at 4 screens in the headrests and sun visors. I want the carpet black and the roof black, with the light bulb changed to red. The seats I want re-covered (probably leather) in black with red trim. Having my initials in the headrests would also be pretty cool. The dash will also be re-covered black (either leather or alcantara), with some red trim. I estimate £15000-20000!! But money well spent!

Did I mention I want around 300bhp at the wheels? :lol:
I have decided on getting black rims...the reason being I'll save a lot of money in the run. I've narrowed my search down to 2 different sets of rims. Those being:

Boss Steet

Lenso Evo II

Here comes the dilemma...I think the Lensos are better looking, however I think the Boss Streets will look better on the car.

What does everyone else think? Has anybody got any suggestions (maybe a different set?)

In turms of Look & Durability, Lenso is better if U ask me mate. But if U ask me my particular choise, I'd go for the toora rims. They look bad!
The Boss ones do seem to be following a more updated trend with the silver middle. They are £500ish and the Lensos are £700ish. It seems as if the Boss ones are cheaper for a reason.
i like the civic coupes, there not especially good looking at stock imo but have the potential to be really nice cars with the right kit. How are you gettin on btw?
Cheers mate. Currently I have it booked in to get the back windows tinted. Once that is complete I shall be putting it in for a brake conversion. I will keep everybody updated. :bigsmile:

After making myself some very good connections (with Rimz Inc in Peterborough and RS Repairs in Rushden) and talking things over I have decided to have the suspension and rims done next. A full race suspension is being used and 17 inch black Lenso RS5s. The headlights and rear lights may also be converted providing the parts arrive from over seas on time. Pictures will follow shortly.
i like the boss ones :)

down side of the 5 spokes is that they can soon get turned into a 50pence shape. so watch the potholes ;)
im afraid your right,especially with low profiles
the more spokes the better, even at that you need to be carefull
an alloys strenght is on 1 side= the spoke side
theres nothing on the otherside to strenghten it so be carefull

nice choice though prince
the car looks great also
i loved my coupe when i had it too. their so nice and easy to drive,looks good and a very reliable car also
what more does a fella need:)
I picked up my car from Rimz Inc last friday with a huge difference. My Civic has been lowered 120mm and now has 17 inch Lenso RS5s in black. The front headlights have also been converted to the latest designs from Japan. They even had to be imported. Hope you all like the new pictures.

As usual, all comments are welcome!
120mm OUCH, How does that like speed bumps

It likes them slower than it used to! :lol: It's a full race suspension so the ride can get a little hard when you're on a bad road, especially with the 17s...but corner's can be made into an art. I voiced my concerns with Rimz Inc about lowering that far, but they said I wouldn't regret it...and I don't! It handles superbly and even if I decide it's too low then I can adjust it. Well done Shaky and the lads!
very nice mate
only trouble is you need to upgrade your brakes now cause they look tiny behind those 17's best get saving mate :lol:
Cheers mate...not sure which route to take next...sort out the body work or get the big brake conversion done. Both are going to cost a lot!

its completely up to you but from my point of view the coupe looks nice as standard so i would personally go for the brakes first 1, they look
2, they will aid you alot around the track
3, people who know their cars appreciate the little things that owners do
4, it wont look like you have digestives trying to stop you :lol:
Thanks biggest problem with the car is the drums at the back. I'm thinking brakes first as well. Better get saving... :lol:
hi mate sorry but i just presumed you had discs all round what size engine you got ??? is there a higher spec civic you could take the brakes off ?? no idea about hondas but on older vauxhalls of which im quite familiar with the rear beams are interchangeable so rear disc conversions are quite simple and not expensive hope this is the case with hondas
It's currently the 1.6 D series engine...109 bhp standard. The rear conversion will be done but I'm going for a Brembo big brake conversion...that was they'll handle the planned 350+ bhp. The rear beam will need replacing but I don't know how easy this will be.
350+bhp for a front wheel drive????? your mad :/

if i were pushing for that kind of power i would get a rear wheel conversion.

and get a vtec or prelude 2.2 engine :p
Yes I am mad! :lol: The conversion is a possibility, but for now the general plan is a lot of power! I'm planning on a B18C5 engine (Integra Type R - 195bhp).

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