My gt4

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Ive the car 3 months now and finally i can start my build thread

When i first brought it

First job was to remove resonator box just behind the wheel arch


You can see the 4 small holes they where the only things letting air flow into the filter

Then i put on my new wheels could probably do with a refurb but are loads better than what was on

They have loads of tread 3 are brigestone so2 and one avon alone these must be more than what i actually paid for them

Now the car is 100 times better these wheels look great and im very pleased with them

My next job was change the dump valve managed to get a blitz one cheap no there was no need to take the old recirc one off which you can see just above the blitz i will be moving the dump valve closer to the charge cooler when i get round to getting some silicon hosing what fits

Im not sure what im going to next as there are quite a few things i would like to change
New stereo

Or new suspension looks quite old and tired

Or lag the charge cooler and change back to standard air box if i can source one out but il probably do this as its the cheapest. Its going in for a full service and health check on wednesday im hoping they dont find something expensive that needs to be replaced as i have heard the superstrut suspension it uses is quite complicated.
well last week it went in for full service and health check was told engine and body work are fine but the brakes are 70% corroded 2 leaking shocks and a top mount knocking so not that great really then whilst taking it out the windscreen washer decided it didnt want to work so will need a new pump for that also.

on the plus side yesterday i went to a rolling road with other members of the gtoc and was happy with the results to say the only mods are a dirty induction kit and cat back exhaust.


Cheers was told it has a smooth torque curve and healthy boost so very happy
with a downpipe and boost controller i should see over 300bhp but on my list next is the brakes and suspension
Nice power for the age and virtually standard, engine must be in good nick. Love it! It will be a massive money pit though lol.
finally got round to getting a few things done firstly put the standard air box back on and put a HKS air filter in there

next i lagged my charge cooler which sits on top of the engine i decided to lag instead of going front mount as i didnt want any more turbo lag

first was to drain the charge cooler

Then was to remove the charge cooler it was just held on with 3 bolts and wipe the oil and grease of to make a clean surface for the glue and insulation
next was spray the contact adhesive on both charge cooler and insulation

then i did round the sides

I then put a 2nd layer
then was to put some heat resistant tape over the edges just to make it a litter neater

then it was time to put the charge cooler back on

thats one job done i still have a few more things i have done just not got round getting it up here including suspension brakes and stereo
cheers 4 hours well spent

255 bhp and pretty much the same in torque for the import
236 bhp and around the same torque for the uk models
no not yet not driven it as i lost 1 of the small hoses thats connects to the overflow tank so it just keeps spraying coolant out so got to wait for a new one to arrive should be here by the weekend so hopefully the weather stays nice so i can go for a good drive and see if my water temp stays down
my c-one ecu which has

upped boost to around 1.1 bar
raised rev limit by 1.5k rev now goes round to 8500rpm
boost comes in quicker
the car now feels so much better to drive

now my next job is to change the anti roll drop links but i cant get to bolts to move

as you can see the rubber is not in the greatest but is there any thing i can do to help loosen up the bolts
There used to be a can available of something called Plus Gas once used and allowed to do it's thing, this usually loosened most tight bolts and nuts.
plus gas is a better WD40 however i think as your putting new ones one some heat or an angle grinder would be quicker or a breaker bar to snap the nut

the plusgas you would have to get into the threads to loosen off could take a while
today i thought i would try and put my downpipe and new silicon hoses but to even get anywhere near the old cat i have had to remove the radiator, charge cooler, air box and turbo heat shield

all of that just to put this on

as it will rain later ive just left it there for 1 day il put it all back together tomorrow
just going to use normal jubilee hose clips, why should i be using the mikalor clips?
anything will be better than what the clips that were on before

What the new ones will look like
Now i have it another problem 1st 1 being i cant get access to this nut

Then on the underside of the car i have the rustiest nuts

So yet again i have give up for the day
With anything involving high pressure then for me it should always be Mikalor clips. You can tighten these down with a socket set and the design is such that it is the preferred choice of the modifier - IMO.
No problem with jubilee clips MA, just given a choice I have been told that Mikalor is way better :amuse: I cannot afford to take a chance in the beast with what it puts out :)
today my gauges came boost and oil pressure

i have put all the wires in all i need to do now is find a spot on the dashboard and get them wired in under the bonnet
now to wire them in and remove the trim in the foot well to see where to wire everything into

then to choose where to put the gauges was thinking

as the gauge will only cover the original boost gauge and water temp which il be adding to the rest in time
Do you have a better picture of your whole dashboard Andy? Try folding down your front seats and sitting in the back while you take a photo.
Don't put the oil pressure one there, cant you put them in the middle of the dash turned towards you?

ive not decided where is best to put them yet just getting my ideas ready before i install but i didnt want them next to each other but i think the boost is best next to the pillar as its easiest to read there
How about removing the central front air vents and mounting the gauges in there?
A bit of black panelling cut so that the gauges are angled towards the driver would look very nice indeed.
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