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Hey there guys, i just bought a 1999 1.4cl polo, and i needed to ask two, well three, questions.

do you know what size the speakers are in a 1.4cl polo, and if not...can you put any size in? i am totally new to this but i just want to do up the sound system really nicely.
also, this is gunna sound proper new, but what is a car amp and how does it work? do you need one with a subwoofer?

also, i want to buy an exhaust, i was told that i should look for a car model specific exhaust, do you know where i can get one of them from? internet? i live in reading, berks

cheers boys :D
I had a Scorpion exhaust on my 1997 1.4CL Polo. It was sweet.

Never got around to doing the ICE, but I'm 99% sure the door speakers are 5.25".
cheers mate thats a great help

where can i get a scorpion exhaust from...any ideas?

5.25 internet shopping i go.... :D
I ordered mine from Demon Tweeks, but you might have a local garage that can source one and fit it for you if you ask them nicely.

If you're getting a subwoofer you will need an amp as your headunit will have nowhere near enough power to justify having it. I'd probably suggest a trip to Halfords to look at the Fusion gear. Get some front components and run them from you're headunit (if it's decent) and look at one of the Fusion sub and amp packages or even one of the Active units, which is a subwoofer and an amp all in one housing.
yeah halfords also can fit the stuff you buy as well right?

that sounds good

yeah well i am guna have speakers 6x9s and a sub, and an amp too by the sounds of it. i think'll put all the bass, through my bass so it doesnt risk blowing my 6x9s which is good

does that sound an alright set up? i have £400 to spend on it. or do you have a better suggestion? any are welcome, i want to make it nice.
6x9's and a sub usually don't go too well together, it's best to select either one or the other. If you want a system that sounds good and delivers right across the vocal range, my money would be on some components and 6x9's, if you want bass, then swap the 6x9's for a sub. Definitely invest in some good components up front though
Sounds like you have got a nice car there and you are doing some pretty sensible mods to it. If you are doing the exhaust why not do the air filter as well to keep the airflow balanced throughout the engine.
The Polo modifying guide that Revs did says the Polo's don't respond well to induction kits, and that you're better off just getting an upgraded panel filter.
ah they dont respond well to an induction kit? alright thanks for that heads up.

blackline where did you get that modifying guide from mate? that sounds like quality.

i was looking at a peco exhaust. do you need to measure the circumference of my catalyst or something before i buy my tailpipe?

safe guys, this advice is really appreciated
The modifying guide is in an old issue of Revs, a great but now defunct tuning magazine. I'll see if i can copy on the article for you.

(That won't present any legal problems for you, will it Waynne?)
You can quote and paraphrase parts of it - always quoting the source and attributing credit but I can't really give permission to reproduce the whole article.

(Do you fancy rewording it - I could put it on the main site as an article then! :wink: )
yes...sounds like plans. awesome guys

then we wont breach copyright, sounds good
hey guys i have been browsing around and checking prices etc

i have now got a set of tail lights for my polo.

how do i fit them?
how do i take the old tail lights out?
and i presume i can keep the standard bulb holder bit in yeah?
Replacing Polo rear lights is dead simple - a case of opening the boot, unscrewing three bolts, pulling out the light, putting the new one in and screwing the bolts back in place.

Not sure if you have to change bulbs or anything though... what kind of rear lights have you bought?
cheers BLN thats what I thought

t looked kind of straight forward but i didnt want to do it and then oops lights dont work.

they arent majorly different but yeah. when i say 'ive got them' i mean 'they are going to be bought today' lol

got any lights that look better or is that alright?

also, did you have quite a high biting clutch on your polo? i have lowered mine and now the clutch pedal is quite loose until about half way down. is that a spring problem? or something smaller? or something way bigger? lol

dont want some serious problem before i fork out bare money on lights, exhaust and sound system and then have no money to fix the car. cheers you legend.
:?: :shock: No, the clutch was never loose on my Polo...

Are you having any acceleration problems, difficult gear changes, strange noises, etc?

The Polo clutch is quite fragile (which is mentioned in the article that I've almost finished - should be submitting to Waynne this weekend, hopefully) and is about £300 if you need a new one... (I did - then wrote the car off two months later :cry: )

Anyway, back to the lights - no problems mate, they're a straight swap
when i am changing gear i find the gearbox is quite loose - like i have to push the gear stick a long way up to get into third

is that clutch or gearbox? i started my car and put it in 5th and then let of the clutch slowly to check that the clutch was biting properly and it was, the car stalled. so maybe its the gear box? but the loose clutch is just one of those annoying things

you know what i mean?

that article will be so good i am sitting here with anticipation now

if i want to take the silencer out of my exhaust system, will that only cost like a tenner? cut out and weld a bit of pipe in its place yeah?
oh and also BLN, you know the polo exhuast dips down at the end instead of going under the bumper, will a mod exhaust curl or will i have to cut the bumper up (ouch)?
There's a significant difference between a proper sporty exhaust and a car that's had the silencer removed - it's the difference between people taking notice and the people laughing at you. If you're going to do it, then doing it properly is the only way worth doing it at all.

The Scorpion peeps out from underneath the bumper. Buying a tailored system for your car from a well known manufacturer with a good reputation means that the manufacturer will have taken into account the shape of the car and most of the fitting difficulties that can arise, meaning that it'll pretty much go straight on.

This will also be the case for the Peco, if all you're wanting is a throaty back box. I had one on my first 205 and it sounded gorgeous, without giving or losing any power.
lol i wasnt going to remove the silencer and keep the original exhaust on!


i was going to buy a peco back box, fit it and then remove the silencer so i have a straight through, but is it worth taking off the silencer?

i bought the lights and fitted them. looks fit as man.
hey guys can you check something out for me?

i want to get some new rear lights after I failed an MOT with the ones I have at the moment! (although i swear they were E' marked apparently I needed reflectors as the lights did have them incorporated)

i was looking at these:

but I swear they cant be 94-99 as the indicator light sticks out of the side on the bulb holder doesnt?

BLN this is really directed at you lol! but I am open to help from anyone!

cheers guys. i dont want to go wrong!

Please dont make the mistake of putting Lexus style lights on a German car. :shock:

as to the Mot,
just change the lights back to the originals, 3bolts each side, pass the Mot, and then swap them back again. :wink:

and if you want your car to be constantly road legal, then get a pair of RED refectors, and stick them somewhere appropriate, Like the bottom corners facing the back. Unless you want to plead ignorant to the coppers, but its likely that they wont pull you, if they do, it'll just be a slap on the wrists, as long as they think you honestly didnt know.

There is NO LEGAL STIPULATION, that the reflectors have to be incorporated into the light cluster. but they should do a job of refelecting red light to the rear. (incase you blow a bulb, or you forget to turn the lights on etc)

Back to German styling,
i used to be into it, and in my experience less is more. German cars are more suited to understated classy Mods, as opposed to chrome blingy look at me mods. Go and buy Performance VW, and see what i mean.

Trust me you will get more respect from the people who know.

Oh and Lexus lights are well on their way out of fashion. thats why they're cheap, so are flashy light windscreen water jets.
As soon as you see one or more Sh*te cars with the mod, then you should know to steer well clear.

Ps, Take a Look at the Hella website (they make the original lights for Most cars), they often have other better and classy lights. i noticed that when i was searching for my golf.
Okay SEB
this ones not bad (Black lexus style)

this page as got your current New lights for £68 quid, i hope you shopped around buddy

Also, See this

What colour is your Motor ?

Maybe you might like an E-marked LED jobbie for £99

although these LED lights are not completely to my taste, they do/can look good dependng on what you've don with the rest of the car. And they are definately better then the Chrome Lexus blingly things your were looking at.

Although, if there isnt a light that you ACTUALLY LIKE, then nobodys forcing you to upgrade them.
Just spend that tuning money elswhere.
Eg, towards Wheels/ suspension etc. a lowered vw with standard lights would look MILES better then a high one with sparkly lights. and it will increase the enjoyment from your little 1.4 engined car. [trust me, unless you live near road humps, and have a Fat girlfriend and two Fat friends in the back] :lol:

think about the impact your mods will make, and think, that having modded lights will probably make people look at your wheels/grill etc

(Standard lowering spring sets start from about £120 good brand, and if you use your original shock absorbers, you should still see an improvement in handling/enjoyment.) But dont go Too low, or buy cheapy brands, stick to Ebach etc

PS, :idea: Try and go to "Edition 38" show (for Vw Audi Group cars), i went 2 years ago, and the VW owners ae all very helpful, and you'll find people seling stuff you want to buy. [i dont know when its on, but show season Has started, so it must be comming up]
cheers paco that was great

yeah my car is silver. i bought black style lights before and the side light is pretty dim thats why i was looking for something non-black style just so i dont get rammed (even if it is their fault) if i forget to put the lights on.

what kinda lights does a silver car look good with?

yeah i may well look at some lowering - but i dont much about car suspension so will i have to spend a bomb getting it done at a garage?

performance vw seems like a good site, too. cheers man.
Getting your suspension fitted shouldnt cost too Much.
and i saw 40mm lowering springs for your car starting at about £70-80
(the £120 price i gave was off the top of my head for my old golf mk4)

i recon you can probably get fitting done for around about a £Tun (labour), seeing as it should be a straight forward spring swap on your car. :D

:!: Make sure yo buy Performance VW at least once before buying any other bits for the Motor.

As well as knowing where to look for good prices, you will get to see what the different styles are for Modding Euro metal.
:arrow: & it will help you develop better taste before spending your cash. It takes time to see different things in your catagory before you can decide whats good for you & your car.
It took me a while, before i started to understand Euro styling.
Now i love it, Coz its about "less is more" (always good for the wallet), and enhancing he standard appearence of the car. Smoothing out body panels, door strips, numberplate recesses etc, instead of wild out body kits, & Huge power sapping wheels.

So maybe think about Small 14 or 15" Maximium, wheels that are really wide, and then S-T-R-E-C-H some thiner rubber onto them. This Should also improve the handling. (where as big wheels spoil the ride, & handling, make it hard to park, AND prematurely wear your steering rack).

After you have done the proper research, and seen some sweet Euro styled metal, if you still want to put a big body kit + chrome flashy bits, then thats your perogative.

Take a look at these sweet Rieger kitted Polo4s;

Rieger kits are top quality, (made of ABS plastic, same stuff as original bumpers). so they dont break up you/someone accidentally kisses your car in the car park, or if you scrape the kit on a speed bump. i had their stuff on my old motor.
Before I stacked my Polo, I wanted smooth Dietrich RS2 front and rear bumpers and maybe some simple sideskirts (although I never actually decided on any). You can see them here: 4&brand=VW 4&brand=VW

I saw these in this years Demon Tweeks and also thought they would have looked ace on my car:

Like P4Paco says though, these are just suggestions and my own personal preferences, if you don't like them, that's cool.

It's your car; build it your way for you.

By the way, Waynne's put the Polo guide up - its on the VW After 1980 page, Polo 4 article by James. Hope this helps with info and inspiration.

(Yes, James is really my name. Sucks, doesn't it. :oops:)
i've got a picture of an original Polo,
but it has one modification. it was crashed into a tree at about 60mph by my friend.
the whole car is twisted (even engine was split open!).
DRINK driving is So dangerous, and so is speeding on country lanes.
i took the pics at the reckers yard when we went to go get the stereo out.

:? OH CRAP, Somebody PLEASE tell me how to upload pictures from my harddrive.
sorry mate just read the first page bout your ICE correct me if you've alread done this but in my 1996 CL Polo the front speakers are 5.18", I have 2, with component speakers on top of the dash by the window (sound reflects off the glass sounds beaut) and then i have 2 6x9s on my parcel tray with a tube sub in the boot. Now people say they don't sound good together but i disagree sounds real good. You will need an amp for the sub... and the components are WELL worth investing in for sound quality.
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