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Postfalls idaho
1999 honda civic ex
Hey guys I have a 1999 honda civic d16y8 non vtech and want to add more power the motor has 201000 trying to find best motor to swap like the k20 any help would be awesome thank you.
Hi and welcome :) As you can see I have a K20Z4 powered 2011 FN2 Civic Type R that was to my knowledge not sold in the US but it is a popular swap over here in the 90's Civics . The CTR head is often bolted onto a K24 long block as it has the highest airflow.
I'm sure there are bolt in kits and heaps of info out there for the asking .

OR if your budget is tight just dropping in a stock K24 would liven up your car with more power and torque.

I would advise fitting an LSD equipped 6 speed trans for the best result if your budget allows as that will prevent the inner wheel lighting up powering out of tight turns and steep hill starts etc.

Is your car intending to be used as a daily or track weapon?
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