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What would you say is the most dangerous motorsport?

Efforts to make them safer has taken out a lot of risk but there are still lots of dangers in motorsports.

Which motorsport do you think is the safest? How does carting compare with F1 for example?
You will have to define what you mean by dangerous.

There are a lot of broken bones in banger racing but virtually no fatalities as the racing is at relatively slow speeds.

Drag racing can be very quick, in fact the fastest racing in the world (apart from world speed record attempts which can't really be classed as racing) but with a very good safety record.

World speed record attempts are probably the most dangerous based on the distance travelled per fatality.

Rallying probably has the most spectacular crashes with the least deaths per mile.

Sprints are virtually injury free as they usually take place on airfields with nothing hard to hit.

Hill climbing would come a close second, IMO.

Circuit racing is now very safe compared to a couple of decades ago.

The most dangerous racing takes place on the public roads (you knew that was coming, didn't you :) )
OG, you never fail to impress me with your rapid and witty responses! To be honest... He is right though. How many deaths per year are a result of street racing compared to that of a competative racing sport?

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