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Which motorsport do you associate with the long time commentator Murray Walker?

Can you name any other motorsport commentators? Do you think he is the best?
for wreaking F1, used to watch it on the forign channels on the old analouge sky. couldnt understand what the comontators were saying but it still made more sense than walker
F1 and the early BTCC coverage. I found Murray alright personally, wasn't annoying and made it funny at times as it needed an injection to liven it up! It'll be a poorer place without him as he is getting on a bit.
He's got a DVD out with the maddest things in motrosports from crashes to lawnmower racing. It's quite a good watch if you track it down.;)
Dear old Murray. Some of his predictions had a habit of turning into curses. I remember some rally-cross from Lydden Hill a long while ago. As the camera followed the race leader, Murray said something like "All he's got to do is hang on to this last bend" followed by a long pause as the camera cut to a picture of the car now on its roof with wheels flailing madly in the air. "He'll have trouble getting out of THAT one!" says Murray.

Some of his anecdotes got a bit repetitive. I've lost count of the number of times he reminded us, when something unpredictable happened, "F1 is IF spelled backwards".

A National Treasure nonetheless.

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