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I personally tend to watch all kinds of motorsport. But the one I follow the most is F1. I think the only one's I missed this year was when I was marshalling. But I can't really pick a clear favourite because I do like a variety. So come on peeps whats your favourite form of motorsport?
I love to watch drifting. It has plenty of thrills and spills.

I used to watch a lot of Rally - especially in the days of the RS200 and 6R4. It all seems tame now by comparison.
F1 is certainly back in the mix now everyone has the same set ups, makes it all the better that a brit is still at the top of the table. Drag racing is also great to watch, I was at Santa Pod on Saturday and the Run What You Bring competitions in the morning were great to watch, I chuckled when an M3 went up against a Corvette, after a few races though the M3 almost had the Corvette beat, much to the dismay of the Corvette's owner.
I agree F1 is getting more competitive and it is also good to see a brit on top. If i'm honest though i've missed most of the racing this season for some reason. I'm gonna have to compile a timetable for when each race is on :lol::lol::lol:
The WRC has been good this year. Well the bits that I've seen anyway. :lol:
i always find motorbike trials a good watch
and those mad icelandics who do the near vertical hill climbing (sorry dont know what its called??)
It's called Formula Offroad & I love it too! :bigsmile:


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has to be formula 1 this year, by far the best year for this in recent memory. also like to watch the rallying but difficult to catch when it is on - only have starsports and ESPN nd they keep chopping and changing all the times.
Until VAUXHALL pulled out it was the BTCC,but I love to watch the AUSSIE V8's.There's nothing like the sound of a thunderous V8.
It dosn't matter what is on the box or what I am doing, wether it im on holiday, out with the misses, driving, on a course, working, what ever. I never miss the Formula one or the Moto GP.

I time my week end around them. Try my hardest to get the qualifing aswell, but due to sport, I do miss it now and again.

I know this is a car fourum, but I am not ashamed to say Moto GP is one of the most exciting motor sports out there. Anyone has a problem with that, then watch Rossi and Stoner battle at Laguna Seca last year. Knocking into each other as they are going over the corkscrew. Breath taking.

FYA - Laguna Seca this week end!
f1 and btcc, but mre inclined to f1, has been top notch this year compares to past seasons

I whouldn't have said that there has been a ''bad'' season of F1 since his Michaelness left for the first time in 2006. There was a stint of 4-5 years where it was dull Between 2000 and 2006 but other than that great racing.
Alongside F1, I love truck racing - the spins, the fumes, the noise and the bumps are all awesome! Brands Hatch for the season finale in the rain is a treat!
aussie v/8 supacars i used to like the 2ltr series in the uk

I wholeheartedly agree with this, touring car racing in general offers by far the best spectacle in motorsport, F1 is boring and has been since Ayrton Senna died. After that happened everything changed for the worse.

Alongside F1, I love truck racing - the spins, the fumes, the noise and the bumps are all awesome! Brands Hatch for the season finale in the rain is a treat!

Truck racing is pretty awesome but it is just 10 laps of crashing and not much racing going on :lol::lol:
Motors TV (413 on Sky) is the place for WRC, coverage is pretty hit and miss but that's how it's always been with rallying, if you're lucky you may even see some Irish rallying mkII Escorts but it's catching them when they're on that's the problem
just to add to the thread i love the BTCC first and foremost, Always go to brands for the truck racing, supermoto racing is always exciting to watch. I love the BOSS race series as im a big ford fan so i get along to watch that a fair bit but il watch anything with an engine especially if its close!
F1 is the number one motorsport and nothing will never take that over in my world.
Motors TV, great channel, shame is not in HD and quality is not always the best, but thats not what is all about isn't it. I usual go through all the week guide and select all I want to see, click record and then watch for hours.
Like the BTCC very much as well.
WRC was always one of my favourite sports, but with years just lost the passion for it.
Like all the F2 and F3 series and all the warm ups before and during BTCC weekends.
But as I said, F1 is just best of the best, the speed, handling, overtaking,, pit stops, lap after lap, I watch practice sessions and qualy as well.
Lotus Renault is my team ;)

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