Mojave Desert Drag Racing Spots


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I was curious if anyone knows whether Titus Canyon in Death Valley is a decent place to plan for some desert racing? If not, are there any areas in the Mojave Desert known for offering good amateur racing spots?
Well I am from macedonia, located in southeast europe so can't help in this one. altho would wish to be there and try out that kinda racing. here there are some guys who do off road bu terrain is different here, like mountains and mud mostly.
yeah, but he might be from greek macedonia, or FYROM, lol he might be macedonian, or albanian as I am, large minority here, but nevermind. is it a pro race or something? the desert one.
I've just heard that there are some decent racing spots out in the desert but I can't seem to find much information on where exactly. I think some are professional, others are just good spots for amateurs like me. I'll have to ask around the next time I'm at a car show.
I'm not familiar with Jesse Combs but we have a Jeep Wrangler that we use for offroading. We've done it a bunch in Florida - not so much in desert terrain.
this is her and her car

she is a pro off road racer, and I think she is from there, so I guess she knows the best places for it. you can find her via facebook, she is kind and will help.
Awesome! I'll contact her. Maybe she can give me some tips regarding desert driving in general. I'm so used to driving in Florida where it's swampy terrain. My sister forwarded me this article all about the hazards of desert driving this morning - ha! I'm not really the type that would go to a mechanic just because I was taking a trip out to the desert but my sister's the complete opposite. But it did make me think about the differences between offroading in the desert and offroading in Florida so I'm trying to do my research and be prepared.
Yea, I just readed it an yes, air intake should always be on top. florida has more air humidity. that is cool about you and what i like, that you can do it yourself, much respect about it. anywas what i readed in the article is true and you need to make sure for those. i wished i could come and see the desert there. a friend of mine has an ATV and might go tomorrow for a ride in the mountains. would be cool.
sure, hunting for the unknown lol.
in mud terrains i always thought small bulldozer wheels on a off road, something like these wheels

on a car like this

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