drag cars in kent

Hopefully someone will spot this.

Is it a full quarter mile run? Are you looking for a specific time dragster or just a fast street car?
Again, what do you mean by a drag car? A car that is built just for drag racing or a highly modified car that is also street legal?
Hi all The kit car show at Detling nr Maidstone I will be showing a drag car demo as an added atraction just smoking wheels and a take off for 200 yrds no compitition just a chance to show off but need a proper looking drag car. would consider a limited display of alternative cars there is pre booked camping over the weekend. see www.kitcar-shows.co.uk
Hi all Have booked three good drag cars for the demo at Detling Kit and Sportscar Show May 21-22 Come to the show. Camp. see ww.kitcar-shows.co.uk for more info.


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