modify the stock fuel system or go custom

what direction should i go

  • keep the mechanical pump with the reg and bosch

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  • only use the reg and bosch pump

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91 st ford econovan
i have the 2.0l mazda fe carby soon to become fe/t (turbo blow through)
i have been looking at getting a rising rate fuel reg to keep pressure @2psi above my 5-7psi boost, i'll be upgrading my pump to an inline bosch 070. should i do away with the mechanical pump and just use the bosch and reg?
You should run only one pump.

How high you can go on fuel pressure depends on the carb set-up.

You might find it long term less troublesome to switch to fuel injection.

Whatever pump you use you will need a fuel pressure regulator. This goes for carbs as much as for injection.
i'll drop the tank today and see what i can do there in regards to installing a bigger pump, for this engine i'll keep it as a blow through (until i build the next one), cool so i should be ok with the bosch 070 pump and a rising rate fuel reg with the base set to stock and top set @ 2psi above boost?

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