my monster is hungry and needs more fuel!!


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hertford, uk
vito 3.0 V6 diesel
cant get enough fuel from my injectors now, so does anyone know if I can purchase hi flow nozzles for bosch piezo`s [they are a pain in the r`s], or is there somewhere that will uprate them for me? I`ve been told that `dieselmeken` can do it [vid on u tube] but I cant get an e mail address for them to ask? or is there a replacement injector that will fit that will deliver `the juice!?`also, if I change the pressure regulator switch on the engine for a higher pressure one what are the dangers? ps. its running 285bhp now......[bet the VW `trainspotter` drivers wish they`d bought one of these now]
Try darkside developments, they have quite a lot of experience dealing with diesels running higher power levels.

If you got this sorted, let us know what you went with in the end and how the engines running now.
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