Max Hp limit for stock internals B6304S


Volvo 960 wagon
I've got a 93 volvo 960 waggon and I wanna throw some boost at it. aiming to make 300+ hp before I consider an engine swapp.
I want to know some spacifics like piston ring gapping, valve spring upgrade specs, bigger injectors (what will fit?) But mainly what the max hp limit would be for the stock engine internals.
Also what a good piggy back ecu would work best. Was told a megga squirt backpack might work.

Any info would help.
Hi and welcome |B

You seem to have a lot of questions and IMO you would be better checking out the "Turbo Bricks " site for Volvo info.
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The general consensus is that the gearbox and drivetrain will experience problems before the engine power limit is reached, particularly with automatic boxes.

400bhp appears to be the point at which people start swapping in stronger cranks and pistons., I'd feel happier saying 300bhp, and you'll get good reliability, it depends how much you want to push it.

Siemens injectors 630cc - you just need to check whether you have the high or low impedance injectors and get the right ones. Racetronix also offer upgraded injectors for this block.

There are a few remappers out there that can map these engines (it might be the 5 cylinder ones though) motronic 4.4. I understand it is possible in most cases to replace the Motronic 4.3 with a 4.4 ECU. Others have used the Megasquirt or Apexi as aftermarket ECU replacements.

I've updated our article with these tips now...

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