Mk8 Golf 1.5 TSI Life 130ps modding suggestions


Hi all I'm new to this forum and joined to ask for mod suggestion. I'm looking to make my car faster and sound louder. I primarily want to make my car louder but making it faster would also be nice. I want all the mods to be street legal (I want it to pass MOT). Right now the car is stock and has done 95,000 miles by the previous owner. The car only had one owner. What mods should I install. Links of where to buy the parts would also be nice. I'm just looking for engine and exhaust mods as I'm just trying to get a sense of how much it will cost. I'm looking to do exterior mods first but this post is primarily for exhaust, engine and whatever. Thanks really for the help if you commented.
Have you tried Awesome GTi, in Manchester, I would go with a remap, K&N Intake for the sound and swap out the back box on the exhaust again for improved sound. (Cobra, Scorpion & my personal favourite Miltek) Exhaust sounds are fairly subjective, so try to find videos that allow you to compare. A 200 cell sports cat will help lift turbo spool up but will add quite a bit to the upgrade cost.

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