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VW Golf Mk4 V5
Hello, I wonder if anyone can help, I have a VW Mk4 Golf V5 and looking to bolt on some Mk4 R32 Alloys, does anyone know if its as simple as taking off the existing alloys and bolting on the new R32 alloys (18 inch), (existing alloys are 16 inch) or is it more complicated and have to change some other parts aswell.

Any help/advice appreciated
Yes it is that simple. If the outside circumference is bigger your speedo may need adjusting but the lower profile tyres used on the R32 rims keeps things pretty similar.

Suspension may need adjusting also, just get the wheels aligned and camber/toe set for the new wheel width and don't forget to tell your insurers unless these rims also came fitted to a Mk4 Golf V5 as an option from the dealers in which case it still counts as original OEM wheels.
Use this calculator to work out https://www.torquecars.com/tuning/alloy-wheels.php if they are the same circumference and see what it will do to your speedo.

Just spotted there is a bug with the code on that page and I'll try and fix it for you. Check back.

Please keep us updated with your progress and post up pics when the wheels are fitted, we love to see what people have done to their cars.

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