Just bought a golf 1.4 s MK5


Wrench Pro
VW Polo 1.2 TSI
what on earth can i do to it.
i want engine mods
suspension and brakes
and general looks
i want like a DUB look
before anyone says buy a bigger engined car i can't.
Not much for performance wise, but that fits the dub look.
induction to make it sound better.
suspension - coilovers will allow you to set it as low as you can. JOM are dirt cheap and liked because of the big drops they give.
Spacers to knock the wheels out in line with the bodywork.
brakes if you really want you can fit the ones from the bigger engines, however you shouldnt need them.
but please dont do the usual golf dub of making it look like a GTI or R32
cheers garner, i've heard about jom's and have been reading into coils first. trying to find some split rim bbs' in a 17 inch i think that would do?
also im thinking of making everyting smooth, losing the rear window wiper
and then a respray.
induction kit and exhaust i think.
i don't mind forking out a bit for an induction kit do you recomend any?
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