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Falkirk, Scotland
Pug 106 1.1
Afternoon troops.
I'm new to these forums and very new to tuning and modifying cars. I've got a 1.1L pug 106. Obvs I know I wont get much more than the standard 60bhp out of it so instead can anyone suggest ways to increase corning as I prefer twist back roads anyway to long straights. If you can tell me parts to buy and any other tips that would be much appreciated. I've looked into upgraded coil overs, specifically tarmac rally ones from XYV but I'm sure there is much cheaper ways to be more nimble round tight back roads. Thanks in advance for any help. :)
I'm the same as you :) Way more fun going a tad speedy on corners and country roads than fast in a stright line =) And also a Pug, 208 GTI.

Best I think is tyres! Getting those Michelin sports or just better grip tyres period, lowering springs or suspension/coilovers (but super expensive, just springs isn't bad) is a good shout. Don't think it'd help much but break discs or at least pads, you know in case you go a bit faster than you can control or anticipated, them so it's good to have such for safety over the OEM ones like the Brembo's.

Coilovers are certainly the to ones but keeping the price down just lowering springs, and imo what helped me the most in this, was experience, been doing naughty speeds around corners for a long time, learning what my 1.2L PureTech Pug was capable of, what speed it could do, its grip and control to the ground, that helped the most. Just ofc have to play it safe, noyone else on the roads, not too speedy (I've replaced my fair share of wishbones and scratched the rims through those days aha), so hope you're doing such safely too :)
For starters have the suspension thoroughly inspected and replace any bushes with poly bushes and any ball joints etc replaced if there is any play at all then have the geometry set correctly. with a bit of negative on the front in a FWD some forward rake . A rear adj bar will allow you to reduce understeer / front end pushing wide on corners BUT be careful that you don't set it too stiff as it will make the rear end quite playful and especially in the wet and can or will send you off backwards into the scenery if you enter a roundabout or corner with a tightening radius and lift off the gas suddenly. Good rubber also helps a lot when it comes to grip.

If you are a serious track day driver you can also install rigid collars to the front x member to take out the built in production clearance so the x member can't move during hi speed cornering when heavy loads are placed on the x member to chassis joints.

Be very careful when lowering to get the slammed look as that can play havoc with the roll centre and bump steer.

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