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Mk7 fiesta 1.4

I need to do 80 000 service on my 2011fiesta MK7. 1.4

Ford put an 20w50 (Engin) oil at the last service
The book says it must be an 5w30 or 5w40 even 10w40

I'm thinking of getting SHELL HX7 , 10W40 Oil to replace the #!#!#!#! ford put in.

Now to go from 20w50 to 10w40 :confused:, do I need to flush the engin ussing Wynn's Engine Flush or not.
Don't think that'll be necessary, just let the car stand overnight, drain the oil propperly, throw about 250 to 500ml of the new oil in, let it drain, and then fill up with the new oil.
Get rid of it quick. Your oil pressure will be off the scale if your meant to have 5/30

Id contact the garrage and get them to do it, as they have clearly made a mistake.
I'm with bigbadjoe on that, they have got it completely wrong. It should be a 5w-30 and what they have used can void your warranty, so make sure that's sorted out as well.


If it's the HX7 AF and the Magnatec 5w-30 A1/b1, go for either of those as they are Ford approved, the Edge isn't, even though it's a better oil.


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