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Citroen DS3 1.6 thp
I need an oil recommendation for my no longer stock car
I haven't managed to get a reasonable answer as mechanis and oil brand sales people have different opinions

My car: Citroen DS3 1.6thp 155bhp
Currently: producing 233bhp (bigger turbo-exhaust-induction-exhaust manifold-ecu remap)
*All internals are stock
Manufacturer recommends total 0w30 low saps as it's a di engine however my car is no longer in factory specs. Also I live in a hot climate my car has 30,000kilometers on it

Which oil is best to use for max protection? So far I was using Ardeca 5w30 pure sport double ester, mid saps and last oil change I switched to miller's 5w40 NTS+ triple ester, full saps . I am getting an oil smell though when I switch my engine off with the miller oil

Well I think one of reasons you getting oil smell because of new oil. Probably you are not used to it. But I had same issue in the past and it should not be a problem :)
Sorry for the late welcome Eagle Good to have you on the Forum |B

My first thought would be that there may be a split on the engine breather hose that sends crankcase fumes into the inlet manifold to be burnt in the combustion process.

You can check this or any type of air leak to the atmosphere by adding some detergent in water to a spray bottle and spraying if over the rubber hoses to see if any bubbles form.
Thank you , already did that , no leaks also I checked the turbo oil hoses-engine rocket cover etc. no problems with it. I get split opinions regarding 5w30 or 5w40 oil
Have you checked the PCV valve to see if it is not clogged and does the oil filler cap on the rocker cover seal properly??
There are also split opinions in different engine oil websites so it adds up to my confusion about oil selection.
Some websites are saying that a high performance oil should not be used for daily driving as they are designed to work best in high speed/high rpm only and also their additives do not last as long as commercial oils so high performance engine oils should only be used for competition driving/ track driving with very short drain intervals
Also a few websites recommend me to use a 5w40 oil as my car now generates more heat , other websites suggest NOT to use 5w40 as thicker oil can create a lot of problems including damage to the oil pump, slower heat transfer and loss of power, they suggest to stay with the 5w30
You should stick with 0W30 and in cold weather 0W40 just cause you have a bigger turbo doesn’t change that much as long as you’ve opened up the exhaust to stop any restrictions ? you will be generating more heat due to timing changes etc but 0W30 is an oil that caters for those temperatures.
The only time you should maybe change the oil grade is if you’ve upgraded your internals fully forged, then for a while you would need to run the car in on another oil grade briefly.
Different people garages etc will all give you different answers but if you stick to 0W30 you can’t go far wrong hope that helps

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