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yesterday while attending work, i sneeked offf round the back to find my colleagues, only to find them mucking around with a home made go kart

i was hindered into having a go and bloody loved it, it was so easy to drift! before long i found myself holding the slides and controlling them.

my first time drifting, and was very very fun indeed.
certainly got me hooked!
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iv done go kart drifting before i was on an oudoor track but it was raining and they only had slick tyres, so i though im not gonna slow down to i gunned it and soon found myself doing massive power slides lol, loved it
I went carting in the rain, and yes it is superb fun, especially on slicks. At first it seemed impossible to get a good time but when you start drifting the corners your time improves and it is fantastic fun.
im not sure what it would be like on a track, but on the outdoor pitch at where i work, sliding between a memorial bench and a few trees then trying to avoid a 5 a side pitch really got me going!

plus the adrenaline of not getting caught and fired helped some.

it was a hot day, dry and no tread at all. great stuff
I did 60 laps the other night at a local track. Ive got a huge raw circle on my hand where the friction was from the steering wheel. (they dont issue gloves :()

Anyway, the first kart i was on had practically no grip. Took me a few laps to get used to it. Eventually when i did i was sliding just a few cm away from the inside of the track, it was good but sore on the hand.

The guys watching over did eventually notice (after about 40 laps), and swapped me in another kart which stuck to the ground a bit more :(
well..... im not too sure i cant say it wasnt me as my name is signed in, my face is on the cctv aswel...

sod it i had that much of a good time im not too bothered, probably put it down to peer pressure :p
i used t race karts semi pro on clay tracks and that was the only fast way around corners
they get real easy to control after a while
i enjoyed it that much i think i might build one, now i've had a pay rise.

which motor should i go for? V8? V12? :p :shock:
ha, i'd lower it onto the chassis and the wheels would fall off... :lol:

imagine that power with 4'' alloys and slick tyres with no suspension....
yeah its really funny to drift in a go kart but ones i drove didnt have enought power to keep drifting for a while.....((((it was more sliding.....anyway a lot of fun..
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