My JZA80 is back for Drifting and Racing in 2011 season


Hong Kong
Toyota Supra Mk iV
My JZA80 is back for Drifting and Racing in 2011 season
Video Drifting and Racing in 2011' Pre-Season


A delayed start of 2010' season, really has taken it's toll on my progress, with the National Drift Series in China and Formula D Asean series lined up hopefully this coming season will run more smoothly.

Hope every driver, enthusiast and fan will have a great 2011 season.

JZA90 Drifting & Racing in ZIC


TRC Toyota Supra JZA90 - Grid Motorsport Co.
Drifting & Racing in ZIC
Tommy Chan

Credits to: -
PRZM Design Group
Grid Motorsport Co.
TRC (Type R Club)
TopMix Body Styling
Joint River Hong Kong
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Hi there, your post contained links so it was held in the moderation queue. I've approved it for you.

It looks like you are set for a good season then. What mods have you done to your car?
Hi Waynne, thank for the approval.
The main mods are chassis and suspension mainly with a combo of power mod's
- Chassis striped, 8 point weld cage, reinforcement spot weld
- Full custom designed suspension geometry, using Aluminium Alloy arms
- JIC custom made suspension damper with custom springs
- HKS Sport cams on VVt-i engine
- Lots of other bits and pieces

Glad to join your community, thank you.
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