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MK 1 Escort 1300

I have always admired the MK 1 Escort and would be interested in talking to owners who have recently purchased one and have plans to “modernise” the car to improve suspension, braking etc etc.
I am looking for a MK1 and would like to hear what can be done to improve the driving experience. There must be many improvements that can be made.

Thank you for your contributions, Bazz
Hello and welcome from a banana bender :) Aussies will understand that.
I am not a Ford man but for starters you may want to consider the following mods.

1 Watts link for for rear diff housing .
2 Panhard bar for the rear axle ( not as good as the Watts link but still much better than doing nothing.
3 Front coilovers .
4 A 4 piston brake upgrade with larger vented discs and a balance / bias adjuster . Been there done that.
5 A more modern MPI TC engine. If you have the budget a Honda F20C and 6 speed with 230 hp will make for a very lively drive.
6 Wider and lighter flow formed or forged wheels with quality tyres.

I know that the Honda engine may be outside the box thinking so there are Ford Duratec TC motors available if you want to stay with blue oval motors.
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