Help which is best 2010 Ford Transit or Mercedes Vito van


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Hey I'm not sure if this is the right category to put this post but here it goes.

As the thread states I'm looking at buying either a Ford Transit minibus or a Mercedes Vito minibus for a work vehicle, id prefer a minibus over a panel van as it would suit my needs better, so I'm after advise or pros and cons on each van or if there is a better option.

My needs

  • Med to Long wheel base van
  • Standard roof height don't need anything higher
  • Need at least 6 seats but 8 or 9 is still good and must be easily recoverable
  • Comfort would be good to as need the van to be a family car too so creature comforts would be amazing too

I think this is it lol
You're making me think I should start a TorqueVans site now.

The Transit is cheaper to run generally than a Mercedes. You might not get the same tax advantages with a minibus compared with a van.

Have you looked at the pickup type trucks with two rows of seats in the cab? You can get a hard top for most of them and it might suit you better.

A friend of mine got a Landrover LWB, it has plenty of seats and the all his rears fold away to give a good load capacity.
Hey for me i think the mini idea is ideal for as i sometimes need the length of a panel van and sometimes i need more seats but my problem is where i live i can only have 1 vehicle so need something mutli purpose

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