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Hi do we have any Focus owners out there? What about the ST and RS models? What mods have you done to them?
:bigsmile: its got to be the dreamscience upgread !the differance is stuni ng the car in normal mode is fast but now wow ! and i have not tried race mode yet !! the radtec intercooler is ment to be a easy fit -no way ! the hoses are a pain and then there is no room to refit the horn all in all a tight fit ! well worth agrand in anybodys money for the two items:D
I am a Ford Focus owner, purchased 3 weeks ago. I am looking to make mods to my car but don't want it too over the top with the add-ons. Its a 53reg 3 door Focus for the record.
Hi there mg1878 and welcome to TorqueCars. Suspension mods are a good place to start, which engine do you have?
Hi All,

I have recently (about 4-5 Months) ago picked up a 04 Ford Focus 2.0 Zetec R (Man),

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have just started feeling the want to start tinkering with my Focus, I have been happy with how the car handles and performs with it being up to the task of a spirited drive and giving performance exceeding V6's (can take mates V6 Statesman).

So as i do about 100km's a day for work (yea im crazy i know) i have started the tinkering process.

I have started with the basics being sound system and installing sub/amp and new head unit. Speakers/door trim is proving to be a pain requiring some torque screws which my mates nor i have.

Anyhow a hello to you all out there and if anyone lives in Melbourne with a Focus who wants to meet up im keen.

Would love to see what others have done to these if they are in Melbourne.


Hi leighton, nice to have you along. I'm glad to se you've got the modding bug;)

100kms a day - that must be pretty heavy on fuel.
Hi Waynne,

Thanks for the welcome and yea the modding bug is not good when cash isn't abundent although im happy tinkering about myself as much as i can (minimal knowledge but expanded it alot lately with regards to cars) hehe but thats ok if i can make a plan/wish list then i can pick up things as i go along eventually would love to get 300hp out of the car which i am throughly enjoying.

Would like to spice it up a little and would if able like to match/compete with stock v8's although i understand that can be a hard task and rather expensive hehe.
The km's are ok against traffic flow and highway run mostly 80-110kmh zones.

Fuel is well as you'd expect and depends how gentle i run, i also use the top premium 98Ron fuel always as i figure it should be the best.

Tis a nice Daily Drive for sure and i like some pep hehe

Nice to have you along. I think there is quite a bit you can do to yours to keep up with the bigger engined cars. Feel free to post up a new thread and we can discuss your options in more detail as this is really only a "say hello" thread.;)
i have a 2007 Focus TDCi 1.6 Ghia , and im getting it remapped to take it from 110hp to 140hp and from 240NM of torque to 290NM of torque.
Hi Focus owners :blink1:

Bought a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi formerly an ex police car with 130k miles on the clock and it drives very well. I was just curious on what parts i can get to improve the performance of the car and also what parts "may" need replacing seeing as it has 130k miles clocked.

I figure the police have probally looked after it well but you never know as i had to replace one of the front shocks 52% imbalance at the test centre ! :S (No MOT here !!)

Thanks for any help in advance !

Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Studio 2006 reg btw
i would get the fuel pumps checked, and a leak back check on the injectors, clean the egr valve as that deffo got to be full of gunk by 130k, and from what i hear the tdci respond very well to a custom remap
@Waynne, yes it bites very cleanly for 130k id guess that the police changed the flywheel, however the clutch seems a bit heavy not sure if thats due to wear or if just due the the material of the components and the gearbox will change its just not as fluid as a petrol imo also not sure whether that is due to the car being diesel.. also fluids and oil are all fine too.

@chewy1986 thanks for the input will get them checked out even tho i got the car a month or so ago im taking it in for a service soon anyways wanna make sure its well looked after because in return it will keep running for a long time ! ;)
Hello Fellow Focus drivers! Just traded my Focus 2.0 TDCI for an 2010 ST3 , I liked the TDCI but the ST is different class, course had it 2 days and now thinking ...can I make it go a wee bit quicker ;-)Dealer put #!#!#!#!#! tyres on the front too so looking for tips on that too.
Hello Fellow Focus drivers! Just traded my Focus 2.0 TDCI for an 2010 ST3 , I liked the TDCI but the ST is different class, course had it 2 days and now thinking ...can I make it go a wee bit quicker ;-)Dealer put #!#!#!#!#! tyres on the front too so looking for tips on that too.

Greetings and Welcome! ;)
Hello Fellow Focus drivers! Just traded my Focus 2.0 TDCI for an 2010 ST3 , I liked the TDCI but the ST is different class, course had it 2 days and now thinking ...can I make it go a wee bit quicker ;-)Dealer put #!#!#!#!#! tyres on the front too so looking for tips on that too.

Welcome buddy.
Please try an refrain from swearing mate this is a family friendly site as per the T&C's.

Bought a 2010 2.0 S TDCi 5dr Hatchback with a 6-speed Powershift gearbox. Changed from the original Y-spoke 16inch rims to a refurbished set of 17inch Volvo Tethys (looks like the RS style turbines) shod with Goodyear F1 Asymmetric.

Other mods include:

  • Superchips Bluefin
  • Sprintbooster
  • Broquet fuel catalyst
  • K&N Drop-in filter
  • Changed ICE to JVC head unit, retaining the steering stalk control, MBQuart Reference midrange, MBQuart tweeters, Peerless sub in custom box firing downwards, MIT interconnects
  • Boost meter, Voltmeter, Oil pressure meter.
  • H&R sport springs
Other mods on the way

  • Cat-back exhaust system.
  • RS style spoiler

Also open to other suggestions... ;)
Hi, I've got a 2008 ST2. No mods but has been rolling roaded at 247 bhp at a ford owners club day. No idea why.

Really, it is the wifes car so I can't see any mods in the near future, not even a nice exhaust. :sad2:

We have had it 2 1/2 years and it's a great car. I nick it when I can. ;)
Hey, just bought a new 2012 focus, had to factory order it but will have it in a month or so, I love that i found this site and that people will talk about the focus. anyways just hoping to read and learn. but also am looking for a single upgrade i could get to bring the HP up. nothing to intense if anyone has a suggestion
Your post got stuck in the moderation queue as you require 10 posts before you can upload pics or links. I've approved it for you this time mate.;)
Have a wander round an you'll soon hit 10. :)

D'oh! I think I've done it again. :embarrest: :bigsmile: I posted a new thread in the "Say hello..." sub forum but I included a link to this thread. :blink1:
Hi all. I've moved from my Fiesta ST to my new Focus ST and i'm loving it. It's 2007 plate Electric Orange.

Few mods on the way:

DS Re-Map
Cat-Back exhaust
Sports Cat
Turbo Downpipe

Miss my fezzy but glad to be back in a proper-sized car :D Look forward to speaking with you all
Hi guys..
Have posted in the newbies thread.. I have a 1.6 Focus Zetec 2006.. Lowered 40mm on Apexi springs, K&N induction kit and 17" Dotz Alpha Alloys.. Main reason i signed up is im looking for advice on getting the car blown with a turbo :)
have a mk2 FRS currently just has a miltek turbo back exhaust with decat... alloys are going to be sprayed gloss black next weekend, then will eventually get it up to 400ish bhp but will be going down the Revo route.....
Hi guys new to the forum ive got Focus ST in Orange :) only mods are Dsci map and Custom ST car mats :) want to mod more interior things if anyone has any suggestions.

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