Hi, all Focus owners


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Hastings, UK
Focus cc3 2.0 tdci
Just joined and have a cc3 2.0 diesel.
Just dared to do a couple of simple mods so far - extra boot lights (like a black hole in there before!) and the Smarttop remote.
Mods I want to do: sat nav/dvd head - not sure which yet but would love to hear from anyone who'sknowledgable. Would also like to improve performance/mpg with rolling road/remapping but, again, have little knowledge about these things - advice welcome.

Cheers all
sat nav head unit -did ford have a starndard satnav head unit avalible. if your after a good aftermarket one there slightly more dearer for an indash

remaps - theres a celtic tuning rep on here along with an evolutions mapper.
we also have mbileECU mapping as a site sponser - have a look for his link along the top of the page

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