first time amp/speaker install need help please


Hi all well as the topic says im doing my own first amp and speaker install. BUT im a little lost (coming from some one with a B in electronics lol:(

Well ill start off with how things are wired up

1. wire from + battry feed to 500w fuse.
2.wire from fuse to amp power input
3 (now this is where im stuck)

3a I have a lead that I THINK should go out the back of the amp (power rem its called) into the back of the head unit. BUT im not sure where to put it. is it just a case of taking the power cable apart (from the head unit) and then sticking the power rem cable into the cable that goes into the back of the head unit. (+feed) i also see a power cable that goes into the head unit labled A.C.C is this the - feed from the back of the head unit to the - feed of the battery.

If its done like this then as far as i am awear this is making a true circuit that should not short anywhere.....??

please if this is right let me know so i can have sound in my car again...

also i have the speaker wire coming from the amp going into the speakers... but how do i know on the speakers witch one is - and witch one is + it does not say. there is 2 connecters on the speakers. one is bigger then the other..... witch one is witch

thank you all so much. and very nice site you have here
hi mate the remote from the amp is basicly a switch live this allows the amp to turn off when the ignition is turned off (stops you draining the battery over night) i usually connect this to the power aerial on the back of the head unit i think on all head units ive owned this has been blue but may be different on yours ?? if you own a multimeter you can check this by testing the power with the ignition turned on and off

as for the speaker terminals as a rule the speaker wire with the line down it white or black is negative
Well i put it to the blue and white striped one and all is working fine

For the speakers i can locate witch wire is - and witch wire is+ but witch one goes onto what side of the speaker.... i get the feeling it dont matter due to me trying it any old way and both speakers working fine.... i aint that lucky lol

thank you

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