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03 Alero
I put two new 6x9's in the back of my 03 Alero but know i cant hook them up. I can't seem to find any clips to work with the stock ones. I had ordered some but they were the wrong ones, and it doesn't make sense because what is listed on GM's website says different from what my car has. So anyways I want to just cut the clips off now but there are 4 wires that go to the clips. Which colors should I use for positive and negative? And if anyone knows where i can order clips that would be great also. Thanks
A good audio shop should sell them. AFAIK you just cut the old ones off and strip the wires back and fit the new ones. Are they spade connectors?
Ya they are spade connectors. The only problem with cutting the clips off and connecting the wires is that there are 4 wires going into the clip and i don't know which 2 wires to use.
Photo's would be very helpful. Please don't go connecting up wantonly - at best it'll be correct and work properly.

If you get it very wrong, however, you could wind up with a direct short circuit which will do no favours at all to your audio equipment (but the drive units will survive).

As a side note to anyone who really wants the best of audio then dismiss spade connectors and solder stripped cable directly to the speakers 'terminals.
I think we will need a pic, pease get 10 posts so you can post up pics and we'll help you sort this.

Speakers tend to have just 2 connections and IIRC the large one is usually + and the smaller one -. Get these the wrong way round and your speakers will still work but they will be out of phase and give a "blurry" sound.

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