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Assuming you are in the countryside or on a motorway and the road is completely isolated have you ever just pressed and held your horn for about 30 seconds.

In a recent snap survey only 1 in 30 people have done this and it apparently is quite exhilerating I think it is called a "High Speed Honk"!

If this is all the rage and a trend that is catching on I just wondered if anyone else has heard about this, has done it or will try it?

So do you think I'm missing out? Time to find an empty road and just lay into the horn!:D

I wonder what the highway code says about this......
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Ive done it in a fairly lonely country lane! The oncoming cars were a bit bewildered though. It was a real blast, I just wish I had a Dixie horn! That would have been fantastic amounts of fun.
The tunnels at Heathrow Airport have a nice reverberant acoustic :) :) :)

I did once hold the horn down for FOUR miles following a coach who had forced me to take evasive action TWICE in the space of about 15 seconds. This was on the A4421 between Bicester and M40 Junction 9 during Autumn 1998.

It actually buggered up the horn sounder by overheating it. Nissan replaced it at the next service under warranty.
did you turn the radio up to compensate paul ? lmao

Don't remember, was a long time ago. But the horn went from a nice aggressive two-tone blast to a weedy stifled and half drowned squeak. I was absolutely furious though. Closest I've ever got to proper road rage.

Had the coach driver not applied the two finger rule to me I would have let it be and just overtaken him to get out of the idiot's way.

The Nissan dealer (Evan Halshaw, High Wycombe) was slightly perplexed as to how the horn had failed. I said nothing - was ashamed of myself by that stage.
lmao - HDi. This is exactly the same way I killed the horn in the R36 which went all weedy as well after a complete tosser in a 3 series nearly took me out sideways as he flew onto a roundabout as stupid speeds without looking and caused me to emergency stop.

VW replaced it under warranty, no questions asked :)
I always press & hold the horn for more than 30 seconds while I cross the National Highway 34. The road is through some stretches of greenery & often few serpents or animals gets killed by the high speed vehicles..but I never decelerate...

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